Wednesday, May 2, 2012

There have been some positive happenings around here. Nothing super-dramatic, rather, it's like a veil of grey has lifted off me and I can now look forward.

What's caused this? Well two things:

1. We have an appointment to see the RE in August. We got this appointment because I asked for it. I asked for it after my diabetes endo put the idea in my head that the clinic probably wouldn't chase after us, since we're not tasty private patients. I sent a bunch of questions and am now slightly clearer on the process. Now awaiting the official appointment letter and blood test forms. We will get onto the public waiting list in September, and from there the wait will be between 13 - 18 months.

2. The Health and Disability Commissioner's office contacted me this week. Although they can't perform miracles, they seem very interested in the way we've been treated, especially the poor breakdown in communication. Awaiting further contact from the HDC.

So yes, I finally feel like I've stopped looking back and can now look forward. I still get really angry when I think of what's happened, and I still feel pretty terrified about what we are fighting for the right to go through (IVF, TESA/PESA, ICSI, pregnancy, birth, pregnant-with-T1, baby, toddler, kindy...), but it's a good terrified. Lol :P