About me

I'm a type 1 diabetic woman living in New Zealand. I'm recording my experiences in deciding to have a baby with my husband, and our journey through doctor's visits, procedures, vasectomy reversal, sperm retrieval, ivf, icsi, and (hopefully) pregnancy and birth.

Kaitake is the name of a very special place near where I live. I have adopted it as my pseudonym to protect my privacy, and the privacy of my family. I know a lot of other bloggers are able to reveal who they are, I just don't feel comfortable with that idea, mainly as it would also mean my hubby, family, doctors, and friends would also be exposed.

Everything I write here is my truthful experience, and I write mainly for my own benefit. These topics are heavy, and not something you can easily talk to others about. So I have decided to keep a kind of journal. I also figure that should I actually get pregnant and have a child, it will be a wonderful record of their (very) early years.

Thanks for reading, I appreciate the company