I spent many months trying to get a copy of the New Zealand infertility CPAC form.

If you look through my blog archive or click on the label CPAC form you can see copies I got from various sites online, and also the scan of the form the fertility clinic used for us.

However, my most trusted copy was sent to me directly by the NZ Health and Disability Commissioner's office. I thought I'd post it here for you. Use it with the knowledge that these documents may have been updated, and that if you have been scored using the form, you are entitled to request a copy of your notes directly from your doctor. This is for your interest only and is not intended to replace what your doctor says.

National Clinical Assessment Criteria (CPAC) for Treatment of Infertility (1.1 MB)

Development of clinical priority access criteria for assisted reproduction and its evaluation on 1386 infertile couples in New Zealand (384 KB)

If you are not happy with what your doctor is saying regarding your CPAC form scoring, start talking to anyone who will help advocate for you: your General Practitioner, your Member of Parliament, your local District Health Board, Fertility NZ, your Reproductive Endocrinologist, the Clinic Manager at your fertility clinic, the CEO of your fertility clinic, and of course, you can get great advice from the Health and Disability Commission. These folks have advocates that can help speak for you and advise you of your rights when receiving medical treatment.

If you do decide to work with the HDC, make sure you get in contact early and expect to speak to an advocate before you make a complaint. They have a way of doing things and if you listen to their advice things will go much smoother.

Good luck!

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