Diabetes Blogs
These blogs have helped me understand that I'm not alone, and that others around the world know what I'm going through. Check them out and support these great bloggers!

Kerri's blog was the first diabetic blog I discovered, and she gets the credit of inspiring me to start this blog :) Her blog covers diabetes, pumping, CGM, pregnancy, birth, motherhood, and life.

Karen's blog is a great place to read about diabetes stuff, and she is the driving force behind Diabetes Blog Week.

T1 Mommy
Saffy from T1 Mommy shares her experiences with diabetes, motherhood, and parenting issues.

Managing the Sweetness Within
Lyrecha has a blog dealing with both type 1 diabetes and IVF. This has been great to read! What an absolute gem of a find :)
Also, she has written a book! Buy Balancing Pregnancy with Pre-existing Diabetes, by Cheryl Alkon here.

A Sweet Journey to Motherhood
Nici chronicles her life with Type 1 Diabetes, pregnancy, and all the stuff that goes with that. :)

Typical Type 1
Jacqui's blog is about her life as a 30-something diabetic with an insulin pump and CGM.

Pregnant Bethany
Bethany Rose has had diabetes for a wee while, and her blog about her diabetic pregnancy is very interesting.

Olive (I think?) is a relatively newly diagnosed diabetic, but an old hand at blogging. :)

As Sweet As It Gets
A new Mom with T1 diabetes, her bubs was conceived with IVF.

No Simple Sugar
Meghan is a 25yr old newly diagnosed diabetic - and she's pregnant!

Kelly is a type 1 diabetic who writes to spread the word about diabetes, with a dash of humour.

Pieces of My Life
Elizabeth writes intelligent and funny posts of living with type one diabetes.

The Diabetic Duo
This is the blog of the Pellino-Porter family, who consist of Mum, Dad, and two diabetic kids.

Randomly captitalizeD
Crystal blogs about her life with type 1 diabetes.

Sweet Child of Mine
Annie has had diabetes for 12 years, and now the 27yr old is planning her first pregnancy.
Diabetes Technology Blog
Join Bernard as he tries out and reviews some of the hottest diabetes gear available (in America anyway :P).

Diabetes Talkfest
Gina Capone is a diabetes blogger, pumper, and advocate. Her wonderfully pink site is full of useful info. Gina is the community manager of (see below for link).

Diabetes Websites

This one is not a blog, the best I can explain it is it's like Facebook for diabetics. There are heaps of different groups you can join, to "meet" people all over the world experiencing the same things as you.

Diabetes New Zealand
The NZ national charity representing people with diabetes.

The Diabetes O.C.
This online community has been running for several years, and features interesting articles and bloggers from around the world.

A type 1 diabetes community created by the JDRF (Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation). You can create an account and join up to take part in groups, forums, discussions etc.

The Diabetes Resource
Their tagline is "Your ULTIMATE guide for everything diabetes related" - I will let you decide! :)

Act1 Diabetes
A site dedicated to helping adults cope with Type 1 Diabetes.

Diabetes Mine
Their tagline: A gold mine of straight talk and encouragement for people living with diabetes.

Diabetic Mommy
A collection of forums for women with diabetes who are pregnant, trying to conceive, with children (no matter what age), or just thinking about having a baby someday.
Also, checkout the Diabetic Mommy community on Ning, at

Fertility IVF ICSI Blogs

1, 2, 3 Blog!
Marcia writes about all things IVF and her journey to have twins. Very informative read. (Not a diabetic.)

Team IVF
B and K chronicle their IVF cycles. (Not a diabetic)

Conception Deception
This is one that I've only just started reading, so I don't have a name for you yet. But it looks like quite good info about IVF.

Life and Love in the Petri Dish
Mo and Will are two 30-somethings travelling the steeper than normal road to parenthood. Their blog about IVF, miscarriage, pregnancy, cancer, and chemo spans nearly 10 years! There are heaps of links and lots of information here. Highly recommended.

Fertility Websites

Fertility Associates
A great starting point with plenty of information and resources. These are the folks we will be visiting sometime soon.

Fertility NZ
Support, advocacy and education regarding infertility in New Zealand.

Two Week Wait
A Trying to Conceive and Pregnancy Community. Go here for a comprehensive dictionary of acronyms like BFN, FET, BBT etc...

Step-parenting Blogs and Websites

Second Wives Cafe
Online support for second wives and step-mothers.

Accidental Stepmom
Adeventures in half-assed step-parenting.

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