Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Exhibition opening

The opening to the tutor exhibition went really well. I was a bit worried because the other tutors were quite late installing their work, and then of course I was worried about showing my work next to theirs! We are spread across two rooms, and at one stage no one else had installed into my room, I was all on my lonesome! There was some talk of getting me to move my artwork to the other room - so not fair, since I was first to install out of everyone! So I chased the remaining artists to get them into my room, and it all worked out well.

The opening went off without a hitch, and it looked (and sounded) great. We had about 30 people come along, and for a lunchtime opening I thought that was quite good. The institute CEO came down and wanted to meet all the artists and talk to us about our works, which I thought was a really nice guesture as he's really busy.

I got some really good feedback from both the other artists and our students. It's great to see the look on their faces when they realise you are actually a practising artist, and this is a professional show. It's cool to see them see you in a whole new light :) Actually I think they were a bit surprised by how passionately each of us tutors could speak about our works, completely unprompted (students need to be poked with a hot stick before they will get up in front of people and talk about their work!!).

The other artists showed prints, paintings, digital artworks on computer, video, sculptures, photos, installations, and drawings. All in all it seems to be a great cross-section of different artistic disciplines and I'm very pleased I took part. I've had some great feedback so far, and everyone really wants to know what the words mean. That gives me a great chance to explain a bit more about diabetes, and several of my colleagues were very surprised to find I had diabetes - I certainly don't hide it!

Hopefully I will have some photos for you all by the end of the week :)

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