Saturday, March 12, 2011

Truly random shopping

The best way to ensure you get an exciting range of groceries when you go to the supermarket is to.....


.....of course! Have a hypo! Why didn't I think of that?!

Last night I was super-tired from a really long hard week, but we had the step-kids to stay for the week so we had run out of groceries. I still don't believe how much 3 teens eat!

Anyway, so I drove to the supermarket at about 8.00pm, got a trolley, and wheeled through the fruit'n'vege section picking bananas and mixed nuts. Slightly random, but nothing to be too worried about.

By the time I got to the cereal and juice aisle, I was yawning so much people were looking at me. Like, huge, uncontrollable, too-big-for-my-mouth yawns. I was feeling cold, and my eyesight was getting a little flickery.

Next aisle: pasta, rice, sauces, soups. Something is feeling very wrong. I am gripping the trolley quite tightly, and driving very carefully. The supermarket staff are re-stacking the shelves. There are boxes to drive around. For some reason, this is getting very difficult. It takes all my brain power to appear "normal".

Closing in on the chicken soup, I tell myself "my vision is flickering: something is wrong. DO A TEST YOU IDIOT!!!!" So I stopped and tested right there in the aisle.

2.3 mmol/L

OK, you will have some food in your purse. Dig in and find it. One lonely fruitbar = 15g.

Drive trolley until a shelf-stacker can see you pull the bar out of your purse, and not steal it off the shelf (silly, the things my brain devotes power to in an emergency situation!). Rip plastic wrapper off bar, stuff into face. Chew. Swallow. Repeat. Strange looks from the small asian woman with too much makeup just to be stacking the tinned tomatoes.

Complete another two aisles. Choose things that I think are appropriate. Things I think we need. Realise that a single fruit bar is not enough to combat a 2.3. Start to crave juice. Walk the trolley back to the juice aisle. Make the conscious decision to get juice, then get out.

Get a multi-pack of juice boxes. Gripping the trolley quite tightly now. Must look like a ghost, as the check-out chick asks me if I am ok. Hold on. Wait until it's paid for. Wait until you're outside (stupid brain with low-logic!). Add several chocolate bars from the impulse-purchase shelves at the checkout. By some miracle, I was able to remember my pin number once I had swiped the card, and complete the transaction. Whew.

Concentrate on getting out to the car. I have no memory of putting the groceries into the car, or taking the trolley back. I do remember telling myself: "don't start the car. Don't start the car. Eat the food. Sit there and eat the food and WAIT." Do you know how hard that is? When all you want to do is get home as fast as possible? Away from these people who all seem to be staring at you? It's dark, the carpark is suddenly a very scary place. I cram chocolate bars into my mouth and sit, waiting, for 10 mins to go past.

I get home OK. Uneventful. Drag bags of groceries inside. Hubby immediately sees something is up. Apparently I look really pale. My legs ache. I take a 15 min nap, then a really hot bath to get rid of the leg aches. A Friday night I hope to forget.

*p.s. had to go back this Saturday morning to get the rest of the things I'd forgotten! haha :P


  1. oh my goodness- that sounds like the scariest grocery trip ever. Glad you made it home ok!

  2. That does sounds scary! Glad you know what to do, and that you made it home safe, Hope the rest of the weekend was better!

  3. Whew! Take care of yourself, that's scary!

  4. scary! i'm glad you are alright :)