Thursday, September 6, 2012

Good news! We have a "month"!!!

Today I pulled a sickie and spent the morning curled up in bed watching movies. My Mum popped round at afternoon tea to see how I was, and brought the post in from the front gate.

Two envelopes.

From the fertility clinic in Hamilton. Or "Hamildog" as it has become known in our house.

Envelope One:

The results of my AMH test = 9.35 pmol/L. The letter goes on to say that this is "as expected for your age". I am looking at the graph and it would seem that I'm sitting just about on the cusp between the yellow and the green:

So that's OK I guess. At least it's not bad news. I'm sitting on the 25th centile (I'm nearly 30. Gawd! Gasp!)

Envelope Two:

It's THE LETTER. The one that officially states we now qualify for public funding. Our month allocated for starting treatment (IVF) is October 2013. That's little over a year away, and a good bit shorter than the 18 month wait I was expecting. Woohoo!!!   :)

To be honest, one of the first things I thought of was "oh, it's right smack in the middle of a semester. How will I wrangle the time off?" But then I quickly changed to "Good heavens! Why should something trivial like time off work jeopardize this?" So now we have settled on a bit of shock, slight happiness, and wonder at what the hell exactly we have gotten ourselves into. Lolz.


  1. yay for the date in writing (and a slight bump up the wait too) its always so much better to have something concrete to aim for than indefinite waiting