Thursday, September 12, 2013

The great un-boxing!

So, true to form I couldn't help but take a whole bunch of photos as I un-boxed my new toy:

[spoiler alert: contains gratuitous shots of shiny medical equipment. In pink.]

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This was by far the biggest and most impressive box of goodies I've ever collected from my pharmacy. All the pharmacists were hovering around like chooks and they seemed very interested in the pump - this being the first one my pharmacy has ever ordered.

I ended up getting the colour I wanted, and it's kind of a reddy-pink which I am already fond of. I am thinking of naming it. Too naff? Do you name yours?

Although I have a huge box of stuff now, I suspect that some bits of my prescription may be missing? I haven't seen the script, but last week my pharmacist was asking me what length needles I wanted - and yet there is definitely no box of old-skool needles amongst my haul. There is also no box of skin-prep wipes, and although I know they have received the script for my 10ml vials of Humalog, I will have to go back and get it cos that is also missing. Grrr.

I did remember to collect a new pottle of 5mg folic acid tablets. I am taking them nightly, along with Elevit and 1000 IU Vit D3 as suggested by my endocrinologist/s both to support pre-natal requirements, and to try and prevent any future offspring getting T1D (that's what the Vit D is all about - although I should really be upping the dose to about 2000 IU by now). Last night I ordered more vitamins online and boy is that stuff expensive! In fact, the vitamins are worse than the insulin pump lol! Yay for government funding. There is NO WAY I would be able to afford this otherwise. Vitamins = $85 vs. Pump and 3 months supplies = $33.

Speaking of expensive things, my parents have kindly offered to purchase the Dexcom system for me. I am very, very grateful for this opportunity, and have called to put in my order today. My pump rep said I could do a one month trial of the Dexcom if I bought one box (4) of sensors, but I am going to buy the transmitter too, and ask if I can trial the Dexcom receiver unit. Since the Vibe pump is a receiver itself I don't technically need the Dex Rx, but it would be good to try it out if I can. Let's just say that this request took three phone calls and being transferred around the call centre in Auckland between about a gazillion people. All very polite, and we got there in the end.

I took my big box of loot around to my parents' place this evening (in the rain) to show them, since they had never seen a pump in person before. Dad and I watched the DVD and OMG is it boring! Such minutiae. Kills you with details and repetition, like being hypnotized. Except I must pay attention or else risk terrible consequences with not being able to work the pump lol. Long story short: do not watch the DVD out of curiosity. It is serious and it is educational. Not something to watch for fun. Certainly, nothing in comparison to Diabetic Danica, Kerri Sparling, Candace, or Kim Vlasnik!

It is now exactly 1 week until I become bionic, and T-minus ~27 days until I start injecting IVF hormon-a-ma-phones. Also, I shall turn 31 (cough) shortly. There will be eating of vast quantities of tasty treats. :D


  1. Yay it has arrived! I think it totally needs a name!!

    1. I know right? I have a couple of ideas but I haven't found the right one yet.

  2. This has made me super excited to get mine! Not sure when I can pick up my prescription but should be in the next day or two... Eeee!

    All the best for your pump training, not long now! And great that you feel confident with the new fertility doctor (re: your previous post)

    Shonelle :)

    1. That's great news Shonelle! :) Let me know how it goes!