Saturday, December 28, 2013

12w1d On holiday and doing nothing

Really. Nothing! Just mucking around the house, taking to the chooks, and dozing whenever I get tired which is often.

Went for a short bike ride yesterday and as a result could hardly wake up today. Just exhausted all the time.

And sometimes hungry. Or bloated. Or both at once. I feel like I can't fully take a deep breath sometimes. Hubby thinks I am starting to show.

I am waking up once or twice most nights to pee or fix a low. Also, I have this terrible head cold. Last night I woke up and attempted to roll over to get a tissue off my bedside table and I get an excruciating pain down my lower right side, just above my hip bone. It passes quickly but only if I straighten out again. Must be round ligament pain or something. I will be seeing the midwife on Monday (Sat today) so I'll ask her about.

Had a wonderful relaxed Christmas, managed to avoid the Boxing Day sales. Bonus! Just been relaxing and hanging out with my family :)

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