Monday, March 3, 2014

21w3d Midwife appointment and HbA1c

This HbA1c result really blew me away!
Two lots of good news: my HbA1c is the lowest it has ever been. In fact, it's so low that I don't believe it, but when I think of all the hard work I have done working with my Diabetes Nurse Educator and learning about using the advanced pump features, I realise that it is justified. I am so very happy with this number because, unlike the last HbA1c test I had, this one is not caused by masses of low blood sugars. Rather this 5.4% has been achieved by massively reducing the range and fluctuations of my blood glucose results. When I used to get high-symptoms at around 15 - 20 mmol, I now get those symptoms at around 9 - 11 mmol. I have acclimatised to this nice, luscious lower blood glucose range and it genuinely makes me feel better (healthier, clear-headed) when I am sitting in the 5 - 7 mmol range. So that is awesome. I never expected I would be able to achieve this. Trimester two must have something to do with it as well I think, plus I have recently taken up swimming. And of course eating a really healthy diet for the Tiny Fish.

And speaking of Tiny Fish, my midwife visited this morning and in her words I'm "doing awesome." It can't get much better than that. My blood pressure is a lovely 100/60, and Tiny Fish's BPM is around the high 140s still. I am getting a load of movement (read: kicks and thumps. None of this "feels like butterflies" stuff haha) and when I told the midwife that I've woken up a couple of times with a rock-hard belly she said those were classic braxton hicks contractions. Already. With the movement starting at 16w she thinks it might be an indicator for an early arrival.... we shall see. I still haven't gotten the info I want about insulin pump protocols during labour for my hospital, but she promised to follow that up for me.

Other medical things on the to-do list in the near future include:

  • another midwife appointment
  • a second OB appointment
  • am waiting on a retinopathy screening appointment (retina photos)
  • I will get monthly scans from 28w onwards or so... Should get to see Tiny Fish a lot!
Oh gosh, I haven't done any belly pics for a while (scrabbles about and takes a quick snap of the ever-expanding belly-o-saurus) and..... here you go :)

A bright teal 21w3d Tiny Fish house.

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  1. That's great news! I'm so glad the pump has worked so well for you. And MAN, tiny fish has really made his or her presence know lately! Cute bumpage!!