Thursday, December 9, 2010

I'm so happy I just did the washing!

Not happy about the washing, silly! Happy enough to DO the washing :)

I've just come back from my appointment with my endocrinologist, and the news is all good. My HbA1c is 6.6%, he couldn't believe it. Wanted to know what I was doing different? (Not much, just using the iPhone insulin calculator app, oh, and got a new, less stressful job). Anyway, because I still do get quite a few lows at night, and especially when I wake up, he recommended "backing off a bit". Which I think is a good idea. I will try dropping my evening dose of Lantus by 1 unit for a week, to see if that helps. I tried it for 2 days last week, but stopped because I got a couple of morning highs that I wasn't impressed with. If at first you don't succeed...

I have added this new result to TuAnalyze, even though they don't yet have a map for NZ:
How my HbA1c is tracking. Not too shabby! :)

Now for the bestest bit. Turns out that my endo has worked in the field of fertility before, so when he started asking how the IVF was going, and I told him how we had been denied funding based on a couple of irrational factors, he responded that it was an "irrational for of punishment" being dished out to us. Finally. Someone seems to get it. I can honestly say that I was not expecting him to say that, or to go further and offer to help us with the paper work and the fight for public funding, but he has. And I'm overjoyed. :D  I just couldn't believe it!!

At last some truly positive news. It feels like there is once again light at the end of the tunnel, where I had been coping in a grey-darkness for so many months.

We had a good discussion about how in New Zealand, where everyone is "equal" the cost of a particular health treatment should not matter. And if it does, then the patient should be means-tested for government funding. He noted that we are being unfairly denied public funding due to factors that we have no control over, such as a vasectomy in a previous marriage, kids from a previous marriage - neither of which we as a couple could affect. We also talked about how waiting will actually increase our chances of having a baby with Down's syndrome, or have me as a diabetic mother die during the process. Duh. "From a medical standpoint, waiting makes no sense whatsoever, it only serves as a cruel punishment to you." I agree. And it is good to know there may be some medical justification in not-waiting which could help advance our case.

Oh, he also recommended Hubby and I go make an appointment to see our local Member of Parliament, to let him know how the health system is failing us. Might just do that....

In other news, the semester has finished, and I gave my whole office Whittaker's Sante chocolate bars, and little cards. They have been in a chocolate stupor ever since!
Om nom nom nom!

I now have about 2.5 months of unemployment before my permanent contract with the local college/training institute kicks in. I shall spend the time:

  • gardening (ate my first homegrown boysenberry yesterday - summer is here with a vengance (drought)
  • building a website for our art department at work (my dept!)
  • hunting down freelance jobs (more websites)
  • hosting the whole fam-damily for Christmas lunch
  • buying pressies
  • watching my Hubby fish of the rocks, which I lie by the seaside up the coast with a book - our secret hideaway!
  • eating fresh Kahawhai, or Snapper, or whatever is caught.
What are your Christmas Summer/Winter plans?


  1. Congrats on that great A1c - perfect, especially with your wonderful Endo's offer to help in terms of the fertility issues.