Sunday, December 12, 2010

Jaffas attaaack!

With only one week of work left before Christmas, the weekend proved to be both exhausting and worrying.

We had the step-kids come to stay as usual, and the youngest (9yrs) developed a fever. It started with some uncharacteristic bad behaviour at lunchtime on Saturday, when he refused to eat his lunch at the Grandparents. It turned into a bit of a drama, and by the time we got back to our house, the family was pretty tense. I left to do some Christmas shopping (nightmare! soooo busy), and Hubby sent me a text saying that Mr 9 had finally eaten his lunch.

At bedtime, the kids were exhausted and went to bed no worries, but Mr 9 woke with a headache and very high temperature at about 11.30pm. We got him water and some kids liquid panadol for the fever, and put him back to bed. Hubby checked him several more times during the night, and we made plans to go to the emergency doctor's in the morning.

Come the morning, the fever was mostly gone, and the headache had abated. But his chest hurt to breathe, and he had developed a bit of a cough. With the fever going down, it seemed the worst was over...

...Hubby took us out to lunch at a local favourite cafe, and Mr 9 was looking a bit green around the gills. We ordered a fluffy for each of the 2 kids with us (eldest stayed with his grandparents), and then our coffees arrived. I gave my marshmallows to the kids, while Hubby played with the jaffa on his saucer, picking it up on his teaspoon and passing it back and forth, via teasoon, to each of us at the table. I should have just eaten the damn thing, cos next thing I know, Hubby put the teaspoon to his lips and inhaled the jaffa. Yes. Inhaled. Choking. Wheezing. Purple. Very. Scary. He stood and left the cafe, and I followed after about a minute. I told the kids to stay put, and just to start eating their food should it arrive.

Hubby was not looking so good, he was leaning against a railing, and he had turned a funny colour. He told me that he'd given himself the Heimlich Maneuver, and got the jaffa out. His throat hurt and he had tears in his eyes. We went back to our table and had a slow lunch. Oh but it was scary. It's not everyday a sweet chocolate-orange candy treat tries to kill your husband!

And he's been talking differently this weekend too. About how he wants to be a father...again. :)  It makes me feel very warm and fuzzy to know that he's now wanting this as much as me. :)  With some hope that it may indeed happen, we've been talking about whether we'd like a boy or girl (human, please!), what each of our preferences are about finding out the sex of the baby before birth (Hubby: no, me: probably not). It's still a dream, but now I definitely know it's one we are both thinking about. :D

On the diabetes front, dropping the nighttime Lantus by one unit (to 8u) has so far worked much better than it did previously. I've had two acceptable breakfast tests.

Well, I have had enough unpredictability for one weekend! Back to work for one last, hopefully cruisy week, and then I plan to get stuck into preparations for the Christmas lunch we're hosting.

How was your weekend?

p.s. Mr 9 has made a full recovery :)

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