Monday, May 2, 2011

Interview with a PhD candidate

My blog has made itself truly useful. A PhD-candidate student who is researching in the area of NZ Artifical Reproductive Technology policy contacted me and asked me to become part of her study.

She came today and did the interview, which I was delighted to be a part of. I mean, it's not everyday someone approaches you asking for your opinion on stuff, let alone something you're passionate about! And, it's studies like this that governments take notice of. So I'm hopeful.

The interview itself was about an hour long, and although she had a set of questions to ask me, the first one "tell your story" was incredible. Just to speak all those thoughts and feelings out aloud to someone who wasn't judgemental, who got it, and who seemed very interested in what I had to say was wonderful.

For me it was a cathartic experience. I just hope that my input is helpful. She (I won't reveal her name, since I haven't revealed mine that wouldn't be fair now would it?) mentioned that it's hard to find people in New Zealand going through IVF or other ARTs, because of the privacy laws. That's why my blog gets a pat on the head today :) Good blog, goooood blog. (Don't know why my blog has turned into a cat but it has.)

Blogging has allowed my voice to be heard, to be found, and hopefully to make a difference. I quite like that. :)


  1. This is so awesome!! Congrats!

  2. How great to raise awareness like this. Good job =)

  3. Very cool!

  4. how cool!! i think that's really neat and i'm glad it was cathartic for you as well! it's always so empowering and encouraging to me to share my journey with someone who isn't judging, yet gets it, and is genuinely interested! and hopefully your sharing will in turn help her help others with her research!

  5. Just jumped across from one of the other blogs I follow, hey I'm in NZ and will be (hopefully) going through ivf - am potentially interested in being a participant . . . jump across to my blog if you want to make contact (I never recheck comments I've made on other blogs)

  6. Thats great. Becoming involved in a study is such a positive experience. It allows you to look at your experience through another person's eyes and and to share your insights with others. It is such a win/win situation.