Saturday, April 30, 2011

Day 3 FSH, LH, Oestradiol and cortisol blood tests

I got up super-early this morning (for me, anyway!) so I could get down to the medlab for my 8am blood draw. It had to be 8am because the cortisol test needed to be done specifically at that time. My GP is investigating why my blood pressure is so low (100/60) especially since he wants me to put me on ace-inhibitor to help save my kidneys - which are misbehaving. I believe that if he finds a problem with the cortisol level it will indicate an adrenal issue, which could be what's causing the low blood pressure. So that could be fixed (one hopes??) and then my ace-inhibitor dosage could be increased to PROTECT ZE KIDNEYS! more. Yup.

Also did the CD3 FSH, LH and Oestradiol hormone tests at the same time, and picked up the huge bottle needed for the 24hr urine test for proteinuria - ITZ ZE KIDNEYS U KNOW!

Saw my aunt in the waiting room. She's just got new kittens! Pixie and Poppy! I can't wait to meet them :D

Oh, and then it was off to work. Last day of office work before the students come back from break on Monday.

I had sent out the grades for the students' first projects yesterday, so I was not surprised to get emails from some students wanting to discuss their grades. Of course, my most troublesome student wanted to meet. And bring her Mum.

I asked the other tutors who were in if they would take a bet on whether she would cry or not. They wouldn't take the bet. I so far have a 3 out of 3 strike rate for crying students at my desk. I go through a LOT of tissues. (Let me clarify: they don't cry cos I'm mean to them, quite the opposite. I try to put realistic pressure on them and they get overwhelmed sometimes. It is very difficult to succeed in a design qualification or career because it's so subjective. The students put a lot of pressure on themselves, and getting a low grade can be crushing for them. I offer all the support and help I can, but you can only lead a horse to water...)

Let's just say it was an emotional meeting, but she left happy.

Kids arrived this evening, but one is working and one is at a Pony Club thing, so it has just been Hubby, Me, and Mister 10 for dinner.


  1. goodness- I hope everything gets figured out with your kidneys!!

  2. ok, 8am is early! to me at least!

    and new fun!

    hope your results are spot on where you and doc want them to be.

  3. ooo, the parent-bringing. i've only had one student do that, and it was for a meeting about a paper he'd plagiarized, for pete's sake. i wanted to tell him that once you have a BEARD, your mom can't get you out of that kind of trouble anymore. sigh.

    thank you for the award! i will get to doing it soon.