Wednesday, June 29, 2011

If you are Type 1 Diabetic I urge you to watch this documentary...

...and watch it quick! You only have 4 days before it becomes unavailable online.

This show screened on New Zealand TV last Sunday, and you can watch it by the magic of the interwebs at the link above.

It's all about the work of Professor Bob Elliot, and the research his company LCT Global is doing into Xeno-transplantation of (pig) islet-cells into humans.

Short summary for you who are not planning to watch the video:

  • The show follows one clinical trial patient as she goes through the work up and procedure.
  • Apart from the sensationalist made-for-TV title of the documentary, this is not actually being promoted as a cure, rather, it's hoped that the encapsulated islet cells will work to remove the roller-coaster style fluctuations, and reduce hypo-unawareness. So far, so good in the trials anyway!
  • I personally thought that some parts of the "living with diabetes" spiel had been ramped up a bit, but then, the candidate has many similarities with my own story. I will leave you to make up your own mind.
  • LCT Global has just started more clinical trials in Argentina, to determine the best dosage. Seems like they have got the big OK on the safety issue.
  • You can sign up for their email newsletter, which gives updates on where this technology is at, and how soon before it gets to "market".
  • That's another thing to consider... if this treatment does become available, how expensive will it be???
  • I want! Gimme gimme gimme!
In other, more local news, it's the end of semester one. I have been working like a crazy thing. I had a 9-day migraine with aura (not much pain though). I have recently developed moderately bad shin splints pain in my left shin (what the hell! There is nothing in a SHIN to go wrong, is there?? Sigh), and the RSI/OOS/Overuse Syndrome in my right wrist has reared it's ugly head, only this time in my left wrist. Typing this is hurting. Wah.

Work is busy, with grading, teaching extra classes, and preparing to move office in the next 3 weeks. We are getting a whole bright new shiny art facility built - can't wait to move. New digs have: duh-duh-daaaaa! Air con!!! Yay! :)

My freelance work is going nuts. I'm getting website projects coming out of my ears. This week alone I've encountered 5+ websites that need buildin' and have quoted on two of them. When I will actually find time to make them is still a question I haven't solved.

In sad news, my father-in-law has been admitted to hospital today with bad anaemia. He is 82 (I think) and has taken a hammering with health problems in the years I've known him. He's such a sweetie and he really doesn't deserve this. Please send your good thought and prayers for him to recover.

So.... go and watch that documentary. Now! (Sorry to shout, but it's like, real important eh.) And share it with your mates. Cool.


  1. Canada sucks when it comes to videos. I can't watch it :(
    You sound super busy, don't forget to take some time for yourself. HEALTH is #1!!
    good thoughts to your F-in-law.

  2. all the best to your Father in law and you and your fambly.

    Yep, common sense, I had no idea that public funding was charged same as private. I was always under the impression that it was the stimmy drugs that ramped up the cost of ivf.