Sunday, August 21, 2011

Massive week

My husband has been violently ill no less than eight times this week. The step kids are staying with us, and now eldest step son has it. :(

The big news has been that my father in law moved into a rest home on Friday. He'd been in and out of hospital, fallen twice, had 4 blood transfusions, heart failure, dysentery, and one ambulance ride in the 3 weeks leading up to the resthome. He's 83.

I'm 28.

Mother in law has not been coping well.

I've been getting sick too. I was up until 2am last night, finishing a major website. I got it launched but now I've absolutely crashed. Sore throat, ears, aches, snotty snout. Wah. :(

We have been on the look out for a new (used) car for hubby. A minivan. I honestly expected to have my own kids in my first minivan. Not just step kids. But they are aged 10, 14, and 16 now, so it's hard to fit everyone in a sedan. We found a suitable minivan today and told the carsales-dude we'd buy it. I will organize a car loan this week.

Tomorrow I will be with some of the other tutors from work at the annual careers expo. Our art dept has a booth and I will be on my feet "selling" our courses for 6+ hours. With a cold. Makes sense. Last time I was this sick I was in the welcome line to hongi at the powhiri!! For those of you who not from New Zealand, Google those 2 words :)

Anyway, I should have more time to blog now that massive web project has launched. So you should hear from me more often. Hope that suits! Lol :P

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  1. Sorry you aren't feeling well! I hope you feel better soon! Thanks for teaching me two new words today! :)

  2. I've missed you! I hope you and hubby feel better soon!!