Wednesday, August 31, 2011


So I've had another big week:

1. My father-in-law has moved into a local rest home. He's looking better than I've seen him in months. MIL is another story...

2. We bought a new car. A minivan. Picked it up last Thursday.

3. Which was also the day hubby and I got on a plane and travelled to Auckland for 3 days of design conference, circus, casino, restaurants, shopping, and room service. Highly recommend!

4. I nearly electrocuted myself. I was sitting in my leather recliner in the lounge, with the footrest up. Hubby said something about a cuppa tea, so I went to put the footrest down - when BANG!! Big blue flash, lights out. Hubby asked "are u still alive?" I was thinking, oh god! I've crushed my work Macbook! Turns out the metal mechanism of the chair footrest had just sliced through the power cable, and with 240 volts here it made a nice blue flash n bang! MacBook wasn't plugged in, so it's fine. Power supply was plugged into wall and is fried. I was saved by the padding in my chair.

5. You can hate me for this next one: I won an iPad 2. Yup. Hasn't arrived yet so I'll believe it when I see it. But wowee!

6. Have just been dropped home by a kind colleague as I fainted at work. A group of us staff were out meeting a new supplier, getting the whole sales pitch. 6th floor, no air con, standing for over an hour, not enough water at lunch, low salt diet, naturally very low blood pressure, ACE inhibitors (to protect ze kidneys) = I fall down. Very embarrassing. Strange, cos my first reaction was that I was having a terrible low. Cold sweats, weakness, spinning feeling, nausea. To do a test and find I wasn't low sent me into a bit of a panic. I was normal people sick. I didn't know how to fix this! Juice wouldn't make it better!!! They gave me water and had me sit, then lie in the recovery position. Felt like a silly litte girl with the vapors. Godamit I do public speaking (teaching) for a living! I'm NOT supposed to fall down. And if I do, only diabetes has earned that right - to make me fall down :P

Currently at home in bed, mid arvo, wondering why I'm not doing something more productive.

Oh, and 7. My hubby's brother, his wife, and My First Niece EVAH are coming from Aussie to stay on Monday :) yay! I can't wait to meet my niece :) it's gonna be interesting to see how I react to having and adorable 2 yr old around the place. I know I will love her, but I sense it will also break my heart more.

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  1. oh my gosh- I'm so glad you're ok!! Have fun with your new ipad when it comes!

  2. Your story of near-electrocution made me LOL! I had to explain to my hubby what I was LOLing at!

    I do sort of hate you just a tiny bit about the Ipad! Did you win it online? I always wonder if those things are legit!

    Boo about fainting! Hope you're feeling better!

  3. Hope the fambly visit went well. Did you see Cirque de Soleil? Sounds ace, whatever part the circus played in it all.
    And well jealous re the IpadII

  4. Just saying hi. Hope you're doing well!