Thursday, January 27, 2011

A bit tired

I'm feeling a bit tired now, at 9.30pm. A quick glance back at what I've been up to today:

4 hours spent editing instructional mini videos for iPod learning, with crappy footage shot by a chef who thinks he's a whiz with a camcorder. Sigh. "Turd polishing" is the term that springs to mind :P

10 mins eating reheated pizza for lunch

1 hour meeting with IT dept to test the deployment method of the ebooks and videos I've been creating. Success :)

30 mins spent chatting with my boss

20 mins oohing and aahing at "Thrushley", the injured bird that one of the admin ladies at the office has been hand feeding catfood with tweezers, be cause he's too young and sick to go in the wild yet. Very cute. Today he got a new perch in his cage. He likes to jump around the office and get on the bookshelves!

Various time throughout the day spent going low (twice) and high (once). This has made me very lethargic and given me a headache. :(

45 mins cooking dinner: lamb leg steaks with chilli and soy. Baked potatoes and onions. Tomato, onion, cucumber, spring onion salsa with lemon and lime juice

2 hours helping hubby paint the walls of his new office. Another low.

20 mins deciding whether or not to ring the Health and Disability Commissioner's office. Decided yes. Now waiting for an advocate to contact me to discuss our case and hopefully get something happening regards ivf.

20 mins having a shower and washing hair

An un-measured amount of time stolen from the day in which I read various blogs and turn over blog ideas in my brain.

Now I'm hanging out on the couch, watching telly with wonderful hubby. Xxx

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