Tuesday, November 12, 2013

5w4d Third Beta

Just a quick update for you on my third and final Beta HCG test today: 4479 and rising "very nicely" according to the nurse who phoned the result through to me.

It was a bit hilarious at the medlab this morning. They know me by name now, and I know most of the phlebotomist's faces or names. So I was a bit surprised when a teenage-looking boy (let's say 19 - 21) in a lab coat called my name.

A senior technician was there too and she explained that the trainee technician was going to do everything "except the needle" and I was fine with that. The poor dude was so nervous, I think they chose me to be the first real live patient! He did most of the prep fine, but didn't get the tourniquet quite tight enough. He was shaking really badly!! The senior took over and did the blood draw which took a bit of digging. She only got a tiny amount of blood and had to check with another technician if it was enough for the test. It didn't hurt at all which is lucky.

Feeling very hungry most of today - I actually drove to the supermarket at lunchtime from work and got cans of salmon, a bad of nuts/cranberries, croissants, tomatoes and kiwi fruit for lunch (well, it will become several lunches!)

This evening I was still quite ravenous, but immediately after dinner I got so very sleepy. I did a bit of work after dinner but then actually fell asleep in the lounge chair lol. Of to naps for me!


  1. So happy to read the numbers are rising and all seems to be going well. And yes, hunger pangs and then tiredness will be your company at certain times. Really thrilled for you :)

  2. Hooray for lovely rising betas! Next up, ultrasound!! :)