Monday, January 6, 2014

13w3d HbA1c

I called to get my latest HbA1c results from my doctor today. They were drawn before Christmas along with all the ante-natal screening bloods.

I present to you my lowest ever reading:

40mmol / 5.8%!!!!!!

This is due to two things: general constant state of low-ish blood sugars caused by being Type 1 Diabetic in my first trimester. And also watching my blood sugar levels like a hawk on the CGM which I've worn constantly since receiving it. Did I mention I loooooove my Dexcom? I honestly don't know how I could have done this without it.

Still having lows pretty predictably in the middle of the night: 4am and 6am. I've recently been gently lowering my basal rates to try and stop these lows so I can get a good sleep. Waking between one and five times a night to pee and/or treat a low is not making me happy. Plus when I do ignore a low (under 4mmol) for more than 5 minutes then my uterus starts to ache! I know! It's obviously The Tiny One telling me to get up and drink juice pronto!

Will try to post again later in the day as I have my 13w NT ultrasound just after lunch today. Cross your fingers and toes that all is ok in there please! Please please please be ok in there Tiny Fish!