Tuesday, January 21, 2014

15w4d Exhaustion

The second trimester is supposed to herald in a renewed sense of energy and feel-good-ness. Instead, I seem to be getting sheer exhaustion. It has become rare for me to manage to stay awake the entire day.

Today I woke at 9am, had breakfast in bed, got up and showered at 10am, went for a 30min walk around the local park and the block, had lunch of fried noodles with tomatoes and spring onions, then promptly tried to fall asleep in said bowl of noodles. The dull headache warned me that I needed to get my head down soon or suffer the consequences of a restless night with no sleep and a bad head.

So I slept from 2pm to 4pm. This all sounds lovely and relaxing, but it is very frustrating and feels like I am wasting my days. In the morning I am mostly too groggy and foggy to get anything done, and I always feel like I have to spend my energy wisely. One outing a day is about my maximum. If I do too much one day I might feel ok, but will then crash out the next day.

I am not worried at the moment, everyone keeps telling me that I will perk up soon enough and that it's just the baby sapping my energy. However I start work teaching again the week after next and I am not sure how that is going to work. I have already got a note from my GP so I can request a disability carpark right up close to my building at work, as I know the walk (5min) up the steep hill at work will leave me knackered - plus the round ligament pain can hurt after too much walking!

My next midwife appointment is next Monday (6 days time) so I will ask her about it. I am taking my pre-natal vitamins but it could be anemia maybe? Hope not as the pre-natal vitamins are upsetting my digestive system somewhat. With the in mind I have decided one thing I can do is ensure I am eating enough. It occurred to me that I now need to eat like I am growing, like I did when I was a growing teenager! So I am working out healthy foods and snacks to eat at regular intervals throughout the day. If I don't, for instance, eat a yoghurt for morning tea then I will feel faint and go low just before lunchtime. I always need to eat before exercise. More fruits are on the menu and we are getting a reasonable harvest of fresh veges and herbs from the garden. Plus eggs from the chooks!

At the moment my one real mild concern is when/how we will get the Tiny Fish's nursery started. I am itching to get in there are start planning the room. It has no storage so I will have to find some second-had pieces and repaint them.


  1. you're doing great. Seems everybody says the same thing about the exhaustion. (I wouldn't know I've never been preggers) Something you wrote struck a chord with me though. Being pregnant in the summer is the way to go because of the freshest and best produce!
    also, knowing it's summer for you makes this winter up here feel harder.

    :) enjoy some of that sunshine for me will ya?

  2. Hi! Not sure if you'll remember me, but you followed my pregnancy on my blog almost four years ago. I've been lurking here ever since :)

    About your exhaustion -- does your doctor check your thyroid levels? An under active thyroid can make you very tired and it is really common in pregnancy, especially in the first trimester because mom makes thyroid hormone for both mom and baby until the second trimester (then baby starts to make it's own). Hypothyroidism is autoimmune, so common in Type 1s. My thyroid is under active to begin with, but I had to up my dose of Synthroid during the first trimester and part of the second trimester.

    The doctor should probably be checking monthly along with your A1C. They'll need to run TSH, T4 and maybe T3.

    Congrats and good luck!