Friday, January 24, 2014

16w Lows and Wardrobe Freakouts

Let's start with the more frivolous of today's two topics?

My pants don't fit. I have mostly skinny jeans and tight/tailored black work pants. And they all pretty much fail to do up satisfactorily now that I have the tiniest bump in the world. Lol

It is way too soon to start the great maternity-clothes hunt, but I have been getting more and more concerned about my upcoming work week (yes, I'm still on Christmas hols for another week yet! Who'd be a teacher?) especially since I have been living in about two t-shirts and tights for the past fortnight.

That just won't cut it as work attire. So I announced to my Hubby this morning that I was going to purchase a belly band. Off to the shops. I didn't get one, but instead got a couple of long tank shaped dresses that will work with a belt and cardi, and a long singlet to hide the great unbuttonedness.

There are relatively few options in my city for purchasing maternity wear and most of the good stuff I see online just doesn't make it this far. So I tried a shop that looks local and asked them for a belly band.

This was a mother and daughter run operation, and they were really wonderful to deal with. All their clothing is locally produced and it turned out that one of their seamstresses is a student of mine! So we got chatting and they took my measurements and promised to make a custom belly band and txt me when it was ready, all for half the price of what they were going for online. I felt like they really looked after me. Such a rare occurrence in any sort of shopping these days.

Second topic: lows. I'm in the second trimester already why won't these low blood sugars leave me alone? I have heard the alarms ring on the Dexcom so.many.times today :( And juice doesn't seem to make any difference. If I don't get the low up quick enough I will feel faint and nauseous so badly I can't stand up. And then the headache will start.

I've been fighting this low since before lunch and it's now after 8pm. I get up to maybe 5 or 6mmol only to have it crash down again within the hour. I've had over a lute of juice today. And that's the other thing: I can't physically eat too much or I get horrible gut cramps, and too much juice is bad for the day after if you know what I mean. But for me going low kicks my digestive system into immediate overdrive so I'm liable to end up with gut cramps either was.

It hurts to breathe deeply at the moment. I can only imagine what it will be like once the Tiny Fish is a little larger!

I have a checkup with my midwife on Monday so I'll ask her about it.

I made it through yesterday awake, but perhaps I did too much going out on a bush walk / photoshoot? Sigh. I have just taken a couple of paracetamol and now I'm off for a nap.


  1. Aw that's so nice that they are going to make you a belly band! I wore maternity wear very early in my pregnancies because I couldn't stand to have anything tight on my tummy.

  2. I am so excited for you! Rebeca here. T1D here. Used to blog long ago... trying to jump back into it. I'm also Preggo with baby #3 and I think you and I are exacly the same # of weeks. I am due July 14. You? Anyways, I'm excited to read more about your journey. I started a new blog at and trying to find the energy to blog again.... I'm way to preggo-tierd most days... yawn.(and hey, we're both Canadian!)

  3. LOL I assumed you're in Canada since you have a .ca blog. NEVER mind. I just saw you're out of New Zealand. But still... both of us T1D and just as far along in pregnancy. I'm excited to follow :)