Monday, April 25, 2011

Blog Awards! Yay!

I am delighted to receive these blog awards from EBC over at Our New Plan A :D

Thank You!!! :D

They come with a few rules though, so I will do my best to do this right :)

1. Link back to the person who bestowed the awards on you (yup).

2. Tell us 7 things about yourself, for each of the awards (total 14 things):

  1. I'm a web designer and graphic designer by trade, and I currently tutor design at the local institute of technology. It's the best job I've ever had, because it tests my problem solving skills and makes me a better designer. I've got a great bunch of people to work with, and my boss was actually my favourite tutor back when I was studying for my degree!
  2. I live in New Zealand with my husband of 2 years and my cat, Chomsky. Currently, my cat is outside in the back garden stealing the bread I put out for the birds. He doesn't think I can see him :P
  3. I have 3 teenage step kids, and they come to stay with us every second weekend. It's a timeshare arrangement! I have learnt that our house is far too small for 5 people to coexist without killing each other. Our house is still small when they're not here, as their bedrooms are of course still filled with their stuff.
  4. Although I am a designer and an artist, I do not have a studio at home: no room. So that is perhaps why I enjoy web design so much now. Just sit anywhere with a WIFI connection and a power source and my MacBook is good to go.
  5. Last night I made 58 muffins. Today is ANZAC day here in New Zealand and also in Australia. I made the muffins for ANZAC day lunch. We organised for MIL and FIL (who is 83 and frail, uses a walker) to meet us at the parade in town, and we went to collect the 3 sprogs (as it was not our weekend). It's also Easter weekend. The kids have faaaaaaaaar too much chocolate. I was not amused when they demanded to know where our easter eggs for them were. sigh. (Oh, and MIL brought marshmallow cake from the bakery, so everyone wanted to eat that instead. Yay :S )
  6. Hubby and I are infertile as a couple. He has obviously had 3 kids with his ex-wife, and it was also during that marriage when he was persuaded to get a vasectomy. The youngest is now 10yrs, so we know the vas is too old for a good chance at a successful reversal.
  7. I am in the strange position of being an infertile woman (in a couple) who is technically not infertile at all as an individual. I have primary infertility (never had a child) while hubby has secondary (or perhaps is it quarternary infertility, since actually he can't get me pregnant with his fourth?). We've been on this journey for a child now for over 7 years. Our current stumbling block is simple: money. We haz none. We have been denied access to publicly funded fertility treatment (for 3 years) because the NZ government doesn't think that being infertile due to sterilisation is enough to warrant immediate attention. Like it doesn't cause enough emotional pain and suffering or something.... go figure. I won't dwell on this stuff in this post, if you would like to know more, check out the archives on the right >>>   :)
  8. I love gardening. I've spent the last 3 days with my Mum weeding my vege garden and front flower garden. It's a big job, and it's nearly winter so everything is wet. We got rained on several times. Yesterday I planted cabbages, silverbeet, broccoli, spinach, spring onions, beetroot, carrots, 2 kinds of lettuce (buttercrunch and lollo rosso), and cauliflower.
  9. My favourite place in the world is with my husband, wherever that may be.
  10. Our favourite place together is probably our little beach hideaway up the coast, where the fishing is ok and the cellphones don't work.
  11. I am addicted to my iPhone.
  12. I credit my iPhone with a 2% drop in my HbA1c test results. How? I got an app called "Insulin Calculator", which mimics the bolus wizard on an insulin pump.
  13. Oh yep, I am Type 1 Diabetic, on Multiple Daily Injections of Humalog and Lantus. This year will be my 23rd anniversary of diagnosis.
  14. The house I live in used to belong to my Grandmother. The walnut tree that I'm looking at originally came from her mother's place further up North. So that walnut tree is my link to my Great-Great-Grandmother. It makes seedlings all over the place, so plenty of my family members have got walnut trees growing all around the province now  :)
  15. And one for luck: Went to the dentist (finally, after 3 years!) and he wants to book me for 3 more appointments, and a trip to see an orthodontist. Someone asked me the other day how much it will cost. I said "All of it!" :P
3. Award other bloggers 

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If you find your name below, I have given you both! (but you can just do one if you like, or none even! Your choice.)

Hope you've had a great Easter and ANZAC day :D

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  1. Thank you so much for those awards!

    I loved reading more about you and finding out about the gardening and the iPhone and the too small house :)

  2. Not sure if this will give you hope or frustration (I hope the former), but my dad was able to have a successful vas reversal when my brother was in his early teens. It still took a while and interventions for them to conceive, but my dad was in his early 40's and my stepmom was in her late 30's. My sister was born on my brother's 15th birthday.

  3. Kechara, yes that is hopeful news, and I haven't discounted the idea of a vas-reversal quite yet. The same problem crops up for us: money. And there is no funding at all available for that op. However, it is significantly cheaper than IVF ICSI etc etc, and we could save and pay for it, if we were happy to have absolutely NO money afterwards. With a chance of less than 20% success (probably less now) I'm not prepared to be thrust into poverty on those chances.... plus there would be no money afterwards to actually raise the kid.... :S

  4. Thanks for the award. Seven years is a long time for trying.. hope you get closer soon!

  5. Thank you (belated) so much for the shout-out! That's fantastic. By the way, Chomsky is just about the best name ever for a cat.