Tuesday, April 19, 2011

What were they thinking??

This is quite obviously a guy's ute. It has business branding all over it. Check out the number plate:

I know right? What were they thinking?? :P lol

In less trite news, I am now on holiday. I get ten days for mid-semester break - no students, no lesson plan, no meeting, no....dishwasher? Unfortunately yes, it be broken :( it takes our family exactly 2 days to use all the dishes we own.

So I've been doing a lot of house work, cleaning, loads of laundry.

And I like me new GPs office very much. Got a call from one of the nurses today about a discrepancy in my notes. She was super cool to talk to about sorting out a whole lot of blood work tests I need to get done, and getting a serial card so I can have an HbA1c whenever I want (read: remember).

She was also happy to add tests for fertility hormones, just because I want to be proactive and you know, know that stuff and not be surprised with it at any stage.

The nurse I spoke to is also really interested in diabetes, both types, and she encouraged me to come along for a free diabetes check. My old GP didn't make much of a case for this check, but my new GPs office is really into it. She explained that it will cover more than what my diabetes care team looks at, such as blood pressure, full blood work, feet, eyes etc. Hey, it's a free full physical. And I'm on holidays. What's not to like?

Oh yeah, the vampires. Had to get bloodwork done before I can have the check. Bah. Dislike.

BTW, it is not advisable to have a blood draw after you've just exercised for 30 mins and have a blood test of 4.7mmol/L. Causes near-fainting in the phlemotomist's chair. Lol

Ooh and the best bit! I still haven't told you the best bit: when I was on the phone to the nurse she got my new prescription for insulin et al. sorted out.

"How many vials do you normally get?" she asked.

"Um, my last doc just wanted to know how many units per day I use, and he would work it out. But it meant I never had enough to last me through the 3 months because I do a 1- 2 unit air-shot to get rid of bubbles."

"OK, we'll give you 5 vials of each Lantus and Humalog, and see if that's enough"

"*smile*" that's going to be 30 vials of insulin over 3 months!!! How awesome is that! I loooooove having backup supplies in the fridge. This means I could also put some spares at work too. How wonderful :)

(non-diabetic readers will probably wonder why I'm getting so excited over a prescription. Well it means that I will have an adequate backup supply of my absolutely essential insulin. It also means that my new doctor's office understands this and is willing to be flexible and helpful)

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  1. What in the world? That is so strange!
    I hope you enjoy your break! Any plans?
    It definitely sounds like this new GP is awesome for you :)

  2. yey for new and helpful doctor's! it's always brilliant to have spares :)

  3. Glad things are looking up a bit! More of that! :)

  4. *i'm* excited about it bc it means your doc trusts you. which, within reason, they ought to, but it's amazing how many of them won't.

  5. oh yay for such a great new GP!! sounds like they care about you and are thinking about you!

    btw--if you get a big board on holiday and do the blog award thing, i gave you one over at my blog if you want to come claim it :)