Friday, November 1, 2013

11dp3dt - 1st Beta HCG

It's good news folks. Yes! Pregnant!

We were waiting and waiting for the call. I was trying really hard to be patient, and since the nurse had said it would be around 2 - 3pm call time, when it ticked over 3pm I started to consider phoning the clinic myself!

Hubby kept me busy by handing me some work (coding, occupies the brain quite well) then we went for a drive to his new work to collect some files for a new project. My sister also works there and when she saw me she meerkat-ed up from her desk and was like "are you..., do you know?" And I had to tell her "no news".

3.45pm: We drove home, and just as we were parking the car Nurse P called! She said "I have some great news, you're pregnant congratulations!" She then went on to say that they like a number over 50 for day 14*, and my bHCG test came back as 94! She was really positive and sounded confident, which has given us confidence to start believing it, a bit.

(* day 14 = what the nurse said, as in I have been counting wrong all these days. It is actually 11dp3dt. Doh.)

The emotions are predominantly shock, relief, happiness, and OMG! We smiled a lot, and Hubby shed a tear and got all giggly! I think Hubby felt the truth of the news much sooner than me, as I am still not having a really strong emotional reaction. But, a part of that is that I have been feeling the symptoms for days now, so I would have been mighty surprised if it came back negative.

Nurse P went on to say that I would need to repeat the test on Tuesday (which will be 15dp3dt or day 18) and they will call again in the afternoon with results.

I have been looking online for beta doubling numbers, and of course Google does not have the answers I am looking for. Namely, what MY result will be!

Diabetes-wise, I had my suspicions that this IVF thing had worked when I started getting low blood sugars in amongst all that progesterone. One of the first ways that a type 1 diabetic is affected by pregnancy is by lows. So, that was actually the first hint. Plus, I am pretty sure I felt implantation, it was sharp like a really bad pulled abdominal muscle. At the time I was pretty sure it would have been too early, but on doing more research I realise it was just about the right time.

So, time to tell people. I had several stern words from family and friends yesterday who have been following and supporting us all through out journey. Mainly they wanted to tell me that I must put them out of their suspense-misery quick smart!

We drove around to my parents place (they both have the week off work which is convenient) but they were out, so I sent them a neutral-flavoured text asking when they would be home. 15 mins, right, see you then.

In the meantime we skipped over to Hubby's Mum's place and she was the first person we told. In the back garden, in the sunshine, with her neighbours looking on :) She gave us both a big hug and looked really, really happy.

Because MIL had mentioned that eldest-stepson was coming to have dinner with her, Hubby thought it would be a good idea to track him down (he works after school at his high school IT dept.) just so both he and MIL could know together for their dinner. We texted him, then went and gave him the news in the school library. He gave us both a big hug and smiled.

Next up, we tried visiting my parents again and they were home with the door wide open. We walked in and I said "We've got good news!" and my Mum just caught me in a big hug. Big hugs all round!

And lastly for the hug-a-thon, we tripped over to the kids' house to tell the two younger step kids, more smiles, hugs, and then we got to see youngest's new bike he's building.

By that time it was nearly dinner time, so Hubby suggested we go out to celebrate. Yay! We went and got Greek food. I was feeling pretty bloated, uncomfortable, crampy, sore, and I just felt so full it almost hurt to breathe. But soooooo happy. We couldn't stop smiling and saying "oh wow!"

While waiting for our meals, I texted a few of my friends who have been following our journey closely, and soon the phone was buzzing so much the waiter was giving me strange looks lol. Then one of my friends who is also TTC started asking me questions like, when does morning sickness start? and I realised I don't know. I then started thinking about all the other things I don't know.

And then, we talked about how both of us have been focusing so much on reaching this goal, that we haven't really considered pregnancy much. I know I haven't. I mean, I know it's coming, it's here, but I have had this superstitious thought that if I ponder what it would be like for me to be pregnant, count my chickens before they hatch etc etc, then I would jinx things.

All this is leading me to believe that I know embarrassingly little amount about actual pregnancy itself. Time to get reading.

And then I thought, what the hell, let's grab a couple of home pregnancy tests. And some antacids. And some more prunes. And chiiiiiiiipies!

My first positive home pregnancy test at 11dp3dt. The line is faint, but it's definitely there!
And, as promised some days ago, here is a beautiful, beautiful picture. This is our embryo at 3 days old, 6 cells.

Our embryo. Love.
Thank you so much to everyone who hoped, prayed, wished us well, and crossed your fingers. All that love your sent must have helped! :D


  1. YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!!!! I'm so happy for you both!!! I really had a good feeling for you and I'm so glad i was right!!! I am so excited to read your PREGNANCY story!!!! Congratulations! What a gorgeous little embryo!!!

    1. Thanks Melissa! I've really appreciated all your kind words and support throughout the journey! :D

  2. New follower...just wanted to pass along my Congratulations!! This is great news!

    1. Thank you Janet :) I'm following you now too!

  3. Congratulations-- here's to more great news in 4 days and continuing wonderful news from there on out until your little one is safe in your arms!

    1. Thank you Emily! Gosh I can't wait to get that second test done on Tuesday. I am vacillating between so happy and so damn worried!

  4. Congratulations!! Nothing is better than a second line! Enjoy every moment of the ride!

  5. Congratulations! How exciting!

    I'm very interested by your "lows" observation. I'm not diabetic but do have some familial issues with hypoglycemia, and I notice pregnancy is especially tricky. I don't have numbers (though I may have some soon, as the glucose tolerance screening made me so sick that I have begged permission to just monitor blood sugar myself for a couple of weeks, without the glucola that unhinged me so).

    1. Thanks Bionic!

      I've had about a bazzilion lows in my diabetic lifetime (no exaggeration! lol) so ask me anything you want. I normally treat a mild low with a biscuit or a sip of fruit juice. A moderate low would be a box of juice 125ml = 12g carbs, and a severe low would be as many boxes of juice, muesli bars, spoons of honey slash whatever sweet thing is to hand until it comes right.

      Although I understand why they do the glucose tolerance testing, it doesn't make sense to me to give a potentially diabetic pregnant woman a huge glucose drink "just to find out". Wouldn't it be better just to assume she is diabetic and do, as you say, at home testing for a week to find out for sure?

      If you do end up testing your own blood sugar, get hold of an accu-chek multiclix finger pricker. It will hurt waaaaay less. Also, suggest you test only the sides of your fingers, and avoid thumbs and index fingers cos it's nice to be able to grip stuff :) Good luck!

  6. Congratulations from another very lucky first time IVF success x

  7. So exciting. Congratulations!!!! Hoping things continue to go well!