Tuesday, July 6, 2010

I am in looooove!

Yes, I succumbed to blatant advertising, and splashed out on this:
 It's so good, my first love (hubby) is getting one too!

In other news, the first two days of my new job have been an absolute whirlwind, but in a good way. It's a much more positive atmosphere, and everyone has been really supportive of me. So it's tiring me out (hence lack of blog activity), but that at least means I can get a good sleep without waking up all the time! :)

Posted copies of our drivers licences up to the fertility clinic, to show proof of residency so we can apply for funding. I have been emailing the coordinator at the clinic as they sent us a bunch of forms requesting blood tests and stuff, which I thought we had already done! Apparently only some of the test results have made it to the clinic. I will have to chase up my ob/gyn's office and my GP too.

My friend who had gestational diabetes delivered her baby girl on Sunday, all bonny and healthy. Very pleased for her. :) Can't wait to meet the new arrival!

It's cold as all hell here. The rain is going sideways. I hate the wind. :( Where is summer??


  1. Yay for you on the toy front :) You did get that nice little windfall upon leaving Crazy Big Boss's employ, and you have a new job :) now, so I'd be treating myself too!!! :)

    Yay for posting copies of your DLs away to the clinic. Typical about the tests not arriving where they're meant to be huh? Do you request patient copies of everything? I do. Just for that reason.

    Yay for the new baby girl. You can go and cluck and get some practice in :)

    Cold as hades here too. Brrrrrrr. As for wind, both our cities have wind sculptures. That says it all.

    Glad the new job is going well. All the best for Day 3.

  2. Woohoo! Big things happening right now for you!
    Congrats on the job, fertility clinic appt, and your new iPhone! :)
    Oh, and congrats to you friend, too!

  3. Well I'm glad it's all cold and wintery for you two....it's HOT AS HELL here....reaching new records this weeks with temps in the 100's- HOT! Where is Winter?