Saturday, July 17, 2010

I've godda coad, and I need your advice.

Translation: I've got a cold. Sniff. Achoo! Cof cof COF cofffffff cof!

I think the general stress and change of starting a new job has caught up with me a bit. I've had the worst cold all week, with a simply alarming cough.

Went shopping in the local mall today with my sister which was lovely, but I got so tired walking around, that my head started to spin. We were trying on clothes in a funky loud-music-playing, tight-jeans-selling shop, and the changing rooms were soooo hot! I swear they turn the air-con off to sub-consciously persuade customers to buy their skimpy, cheap, thin clothing! (meanwhile, it's like mid-winter outside). Anyway, the heat gave me a terrific coughing fit, and I couldn't talk, and lost my voice, and all that would come out was a squeak. Eep! Sister got me out of there quick smart and into a cafe - cup of tea later - which made it much better. A quick test showed that I was 17.6 mmol/L! WHAT!?

Turns out that I'd missed my morning Lantus dose, and the one from the night before (I'm on am and pm shots) had just worn off. So I was pretty useless. Tired, sick, diabetic-tired, and diabetic-sick. And loaded up with heavy shopping bags :P

This week has been full-on. I'm really enjoying my new job and how supportive and friendly the people are. It makes a nice change! I've been writing my courses and assignment briefs for my students. It was tonnes of work and really challenging (teaching is basically a whole new profession for me, after all), but my boss and the other tutors have been really encouraging and helpful. I think I will be ok at this! :D

But man is it nice to just have a sleep-in this morning and a relax!

Because next week is going to be full-on. I have my first class on Monday morning. We will be having a welcome and powhiri for all new students on campus, and then a welcome just for the arts students after that. Then I will be introduced to my new students, and I start teaching! I am getting a bit excited :)

Minus the formal welcome ceremonies, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday will be pretty similar, each with a new class of students to meet.

And Friday. Whoa. Friday is the 23rd of July. Yup. It's time to meet the fertility clinic folks.

So, what questions do you suggest I ask? Any ideas will be considered helpful. This will be our initial consult. What would you ask? I know you people will have some great ideas and think of things that would not occur to me. :) Thanks!


  1. hey Kaitake
    Good luck at the clinic - I don't have any advice actually - just best wishes! All the best wishes with the new job - I am also a teacher.

  2. Wow, that's THIS Friday! :O How exciting :) My only question for the fertility people will be how your geographic location will affect the offering i.e. can you deal with people in your home town to avoid commutes. Apart from that I'd be saying HOW FREAKIN SOON????!!! :)

  3. So tomorrow is the big day - I am so excited for you... I am not the best planner, so my first few visits were very sparse in the "me asking lots of questions" department. I do however second what Saffy mentioned - especially for the millions of scans you go for during a cycle. I know over her in some cases the fertility docs will let you be scanned by a doc in your hometown and they will consult with them so they can tweak your meds if need be and so estimate when you would need to be there for the retrieval. Some people also like to know the clinic's success rates - I never asked, and for my cycles the doc would just give me a % chance of the cycle working... I hope you are able to start real soon :) Have you joined any forums / groups online on fertility?

  4. Thanks for the comment on my blog. Just read thru your archives to see what's going on. Wishing you luck tomorrow with the fertility doc. My appointment is tomorrow with the perinatologists, wishing us both luck I guess!