Monday, July 12, 2010

Some heavy lifting required...

New day, new job, new desk, new colleagues. What you do is this:

  • say hi to the new colleagues. Cos they're a great bunch. Then get freaked out when they tell you about some of the "interesting" students you will be teaching in a week. What?! A WEEK!!!!?! *faint*
  • go on a tiki-tour of the campus with your boss. Cos she's one tough cookie on the outside but a big sweetheart on the inside. Meet a gazillion new people, and fail to remember their names or jobs.
  • tell your office buddies that you are diabetic. Cos you want them to shower you in sugar should anything bad happen. Get told a story about another bloke who works there who regularly "has comas" and "doesn't carry sandwiches in his bag."
  • break your computer. Cos it's crappy and you really want a new one. Shame it turns out that it's not broken at all. It's just you can't log-on to the network. Start fiddling with the cables. Your boss and office buddy start helping. Find a bunch of dust and junk and rubbish behind desk. Start cleaning. Don't stop for two and a half hours.
  • mention that your desk is a funny shape. Watch with amazement as your new colleagues re-organise their entire office to give you a nice, normal, rectangular desk. Many filing cabinets were harmed in the making of this movie. :P
  • Sit down at nice clean workstation, with nice shiny new ring-binders and staplers, and try to write weekly outlines for 4 x courses. Get one partly done. Sigh. MaƱana.
I am exhausted. My mind is mush. Hubby's iPhone arrived and he is devoted to it which is sweet. He cooked me a scrummy-yummy dinner of steak, mini-roast spuds, and a carrot, zucchini, olive and garlic sautee thingy. Om nom nom nom.

And that is only Monday!


  1. What a fantastic Monday! And what nice new co-workers. Mine wouldn't move anything for me. ;)

  2. Happy Monday to you!!! That's a great way to start your week!

  3. What great colleagues - that's such a good sign :)

    I'll confess to once 'accidentally' flicking the power supply switch on my crappy work computer to US settings and watching it go 'kaboomb' in front of me - got me a new puta!

    Dinner sounded delicious delicious delicous.

  4. Sounds like you are working with a good bunch of people! Good luck with those "interesting" students - hope to read some of it soon :)

    And to answer your question from a while ago - it is a new pump, two models after the one I had. They really are very similar, but this one has a lot more features than the one I had before. Still waiting for the CGMS though - there were stock issues, so now I have sensors but no transmitter. Looking forward to trying that out though!