Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Don't you just love doctors receptionists?

No. Not really. I don't love them much when they call me at work from a blocked phone number and won't take the hint when I reject the first 3 calls because I'm in a meeting. I don't love it when they keep calling anyway, so I answer just to make it stop!

I don't love it when the doctors receptionist is a newbie who's just read the "office policies and procedures manual" and feels it necessary to tell me, as a type 1 diabetic, that I need to come back and pay for an appointment with my GP because my "circumstances may have changed"

I don't love it when I have to tell this silly ditz 3 times that, no, I've not suddenly been cured, and yes! I still will need the prescription for insulin and test strips and all that other fun stuff we diabetics like to hoard.

I don't love it when I get told that "you've had a good run, it's not our policy to give more than one prescription without seeing the patient" duh. Diabetes ain't goin nowhere! You just want to make $40 off me!

Also, please believe me when I say that this is NOT the way my GP's clinic normally works, well, not for the last 28 years I've been goin to him anyway. I email my doc asking for a script, he or the nurse faxes it thru to pharmacy, I pick it up and pay $3 per item. Easy. But not right, according to miss uppity receptionist lady! Bah!

I told her twice that her request was ridiculous, and that her call was really upsetting me.

I said that unlike many other conditions where the doctor strictly controls the medication, in diabetes the diabetic is making daily choices about their insulin. And besides, my endo is the one who actually advises me on what insulins to use, I just get the paperwork done thru GP as it's much cheaper that way.

But silly receptionist didn't understand. And I gave her an earful. And she relented and said she would talk to my doctor and see if she could just fax my script to the pharmacy like normal. We'll see if that comes to fruition or not over the next couple of days.

Besides, why on earth would I want to see my GP? He obviously doesn't care for me, or else he wouldn't have behaved so appallingly last year when we told him we'd been denied fertility funding.

Speaking of which, I got busy with the whole crusade on Friday, posting our letter to the local MP, and also contacting an advocate at the Health and Disability Commission. The local HDC advocate called back this morning and she sounded really supportive and sympathetic to our case.

Although she said we are not a clear cut case where making a complaint to the HDC was appropriate, she still said she'd be happy to help us in any way she can. She suggested contacting a branch of the fertility clinic in another city, as the original one we got referred to "was known to them" - sounds ominous!

She recommended we ask for a review of our case, and gave me some good words to use.

So that was a little bit of hope to stop a crappy morning from caving in on me. :)

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  1. I hate when doctor's offices are like that!

  2. I can't stand the receptionist at my RE's office. She is so rude and everytime I have to call them I dread talking to her.

  3. ick what a cow! I hate dealing with uppity receptionists :( I hope your Dr just emails the script.

  4. i HATE phone girls/receptionists!! The one at my old RE's office would send me in a seething rage tail spin every time I called her b/c no matter what I said she would send to me voicemail. Such a power trip! I would get so anxious at the thought of even dialing the number knowing that I'd have to battle it out with her b/4 getting to the right person even though I was paying her entire yearly salary! At least I know now my old receptionist isn't the only one out there driving people crazy (and yes, there are so truly excellent ones out there that I highly compliment when I find them)!