Saturday, February 19, 2011

Tough week

I didn't realize how tiring his week had been until hubby pointed it out to me.

Apart from the obvious stress of having a sick husband (kidney stones) who is in intense pain, this week also saw our office in the mad rush that happens the week before semester starts. Oh my. Tonnes of paperwork and course documentation to get ready for the new and returning students. An orientation week to plan. Lesson plans to write. Oh yeah, this was also the first week I was studying on my tertiary teaching diploma - I have homework! Heavens! I haven't had homework to do for nearly a decade! :P

Our institute also hosted many guest speakers on Wednesday for a academic staff training day, which was interesting and intense, but cut into valuable class prep time.

I tried to organize to get a GP appointment with hubby, but it didn't work out.

So yesterday I got busy on the phone and called hubby's GP (who I am strongly considering switching to, since my GP of 28 years has recently decided to turn into an inconsiderate a-hole) and I made an appointment for next week so I can meet the hubby's GP.

My diabetes endocrinologist emailed back saying he had phoned the same FA Hamilton clinic manager who I spoke to. He didn't get an overly positive response, but it's still fantastic to have a doc willing to help out like this. He asked if I'd been to see the local MP yet, so I stopped procrastinating and booked a time to meet with him too.

Next week will be busy too.

Perhaps this explains why I have bought 3 pairs of shoes in 2 weeks! Ha! All completely necessary of course! Lol.

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  1. shoes are a marvelous cure-all.

    i'm very impressed that you're meeting with the MP. hope it goes well.

  2. with a good/cool pair of shoes you can survive any amount of craziness! hoping you hear what you want from all your appointments next weeks! and thanks for the comments on my blog--you're awesome!