Friday, February 4, 2011

A response from the MP : )

Today we received a personally typed letter from the local MP. We had sent him a letter explaining our situation and asking for his help.

Here's the letter we got back:

Typed version:
Dear [Hubby's name] and [Kaitake]

I have received your letter today regarding public funding for fertility treatment. I can understand this is a very difficult journey you are on, fraught with many frustrations as you have mentioned; you are subject to others decisions over something deeply personal that ought to be the decision of the couple concerned. Advances in medical science create many such anomalies where what is possible medically is not always possible financially - and this in turn creates deep disappointment, anger and many questions.

I would be very happy to meet with you both to talk through this more. Please contact my office and a time can be arranged. My office number is...

Kind regards
MP for [name of City]

Cool eh!?

So here's my plan:
call the MP and organise an appointment time for Hubby and I to go and see him
phone the Auckland fertility clinic, as so far the Hamilton one has been a bust. Ask for someone to help us, and for our case to be reviewed as we have serious concerns about how we've been treated.

Yup, so that's the plan.


  1. Wow. that's fantastic news. Must feel really good to get that respons!

  2. oh yay, that's a wonderful response. I hope the Auckland clinic is helpful

  3. This is great news!! I'm so glad you got a response. Good luck!!

  4. Auckland clinic is my clinic! (FA right?) They are lovely (I complain a little, but that's more about my doctor really- and the complexity of our situation, they are a bit stumped). The nurses there are incredible. I just adore them!

    So, we also don't qualify for jack. Makes me angry since it's DH's issues that makes it impossible for us to conceive. Even when you do qualify, the wait times are incredible. Go NZ!

    Off to read the rest of your blog and your story. Lovely to meet you :)