Monday, February 21, 2011

I tried so hard, but my BG just wouldn't behave!

Ok so today was always going to be stressful and unpredictable: it was the first day of semester, welcoming students and the start of orientation week.

I woke up an hour early to make sure I had time to get dressed and looking presentable, make a tasty packed lunch (smoked warehou fish, green grapes, one plain slice of dark rye bread) and get to work in time to get a good spot at the welcome ceremony. (more on this later).

I was put in a foul mood by having a hypo in the night, and finding that I was sky high in the morning. I though I only ate a tiny bit of emergency food. Perhaps I should have just waited it out?

The commute to work usually takes me 7 mins. Today it was an unholy 28 minutes. I swore. A lot. I was late for the welcoming ceremony...

Here in NZ it's called a powhiri, and it's usually a very touching and moving event, one that makes you feel special to be a part of it. It's led by the Maori elders and the people attending split into two sides: those being welcomed (students) and those doing the welcoming (tutors and faculty staff). There is speech-making in both Te Reo and English, and karakia (songs) are sung by both sides. It's all about ensuring the proper spiritual protocols are followed, and when it goes according to plan it's beautiful. The students get welcomed onto the sacred learning space :)

Well. Nothing was technically wrong with the ceremony but four people fainted and had to be taken away by the first-aiders due to the heat! At 8.30am!!

Stress put me even higher, hitting 19mmol/L directly after the ceremony. And I had been clutching a fruitbar in my sweaty palm - just in case I went low!! Lol better to be safe...

I bolused twice during the morning, and only came back below 10 in the mid afternoon. Thankfully I had no classes to teach today, so it was just lesson planning and office work.

We had a special welcome for the art department students, and it was good to see all their bright nervous faces!

I then had to wait around for my teacher training class (in which I'm a student) which started late afternoon and ran right over dinnertime. D'oh! Luckily hubby had cooked me a tasty dinner when I finally got home.

Felt like I had the day of disaster blood sugars licked.

We popped round to see hubby's parents after dinner, cue tea and biscuits :) nom!

I had a shower, and I find showers either make me high or low afterwards, nor sure why, the heat maybe? Well, I scored a 24.9mmol/L


Oh. Yeah. That's right, you're supposed to take insulin with your dinner! Dumbass! Oh what a waste of all that work!

So now it's nearly midnite and I'm sitting up, testing every half hour to check I'm in fact coming down, and not going low. I'm exhausted, just want to go to sleep. Thought I would blog and let you know that you're all helping me stay awake and get my BGs back on track. Pat on your back :D

P.S. Please please please let my BGs behave tomorrow for my first class teaching of the year!

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  1. Oh no! How horrible. Hate it when nothing just seems to go right. And tiring too isn't it!? Well, wishing you good blood sugars for tomorrow :)

  2. I hope you have a good day teaching tomorrow!

  3. Sounds like a really nice ceremony for welcoming the students. Hope your levels are getting better.

  4. stupid bodies--why can't they just behave and do what they are supposed to, especially on important days like the first days of things! hoping your BG's get it together so your first class goes well!!!

  5. Phew! What a day! Hope tomorrow is better!

  6. thanks for you sweet comments on my blog--also glad to see them from you to know that you're ok, because of the recent earth.quakes, i got a little worried about you (though i decided you weren't in danger from them based on your blog's namesake) (that is such a crappily worded sentence, but my mind can't focus long enough to write a better one tonight). anyways...hope your first day of class went well!