Saturday, February 12, 2011

Saturday the 12th

Today my husband was diagnosed with kidney stones.

It was also the day of my great-aunt's funeral, and it is my Dad's birthday.

Poor hubby, he's in so much pain. It started last weekend where he checked with Dr Google and decided he had prostate cancer and was dying. Then it went away. It came back with a vengeance on Thursday night when he was visiting his parents. He said he was in so much pain he couldn't get off the couch. He agreed to book in with his GP for Friday....come Friday, he was fine again so didn't get to the doctor.

Of course, today it was back again. So he duly went to the emergency clinic while I travelled with my Mum to my great-aunt's funeral. She was 82, one of my late-Nana's sisters. It was good so see the remaining 3 sisters :)

After lunch, Hubby had a nap because the painkillers were making him dozy. I popped into town to pick up a card and present for Dad (and some "sensible" shoes for work - once I start teaching classes again I will be on my feet for a good portion of the day).

Hubby perked up this afternoon so we decided it would be ok to go to my Dad's birthday dinner. After all, it was at our FAVOURITE restaurant in town! Mmmm lurve Italian food!

The restaurant was very full and service was running slow. We had waited an hour and a half for food. My sister was looking a little seedy too as she has been recovering from a tummy-bug type illness. I looked over at Hubby and he was looking ashen all of a sudden. I took him home before the food arrived, because he was in pain and not having fun. I got back in 10 mins, and the food still hadn't arrived!

Dinner was great, Mum and Dad had a great night, and overall it was fun. But then my sister started feeling unwell, so we skipped dessert and went home.

What a day!

- - - - -

Oh, I went to the pharmacy (my GP did end up granting me the script) and asked for all my stuff:
- test strips
- Lantus
- Humalog
- 2 x glucagon kits
...and the pharmacist said "our records show you still have some of this, do you need it?"

"Yes, as you can imagine, I like to hoard this sort of stuff!"

"Oh, it's just that if you get it today there is a $2 after-hours surcharge on each item, being a weekend and all. But you can still get them if you need"

After-hours surcharge = dumb
Kind pharmacist who advises me of it, and lets me know that I can just pop in on the way home from work = good

I like my pharmacy :)


  1. A surcharge on the weekend? How stupid!

  2. Wow- what a day! I'm sorry to hear about your great-aunt. And poor hubby!!

  3. That was really a lot in one day! Hope hubby is feeling better.