Thursday, October 24, 2013

3dp3dt A call from the lab

And.... the second-best embryo made it to morula then blastocyst stage but was too poorly to freeze.

I saw a missed blocked call on my phone and assumed it was the lab, so I called the embryologist M back. Instead I spoke to C who said that unfortunately our last embryo didn't make it to freeze. She was very kind and compassionate about it, and answered my questions. I called from my desk at work (open plan) as I thought, well it's no good waiting until I'm home as the lab will be shut. Plus I was already pretty certain it wouldn't make it, although there was always an outside chance we would get one to freeze, and that was my goal, I knew in my heart when the lab said back on Saturday that the second-best one was slow that it would be a long shot. Oh well.

The embryologist on the phone mentioned happily that the 3 day embryo we did transfer was of a good grade, so I asked her about their grading system. She said day 3 embryos are given a number grade of 1 to 5, with 5 being the best. The one we transferred was a 5! How awesome is that?! She then went on to say how once they reach blastocyst stage, there is a different grading system of a number plus two letters. Anything 3 or below has such a low chance of turning into a healthy pregnancy that they are not generally frozen. She didn't offer a grade for our blast, and I didn't ask since she had already explained some of the biological issues it had. Sounds like it was a bit of a mess by the day 6 report! Poor little embryo.

My good friend and colleague was well within earshot and she knows what we're doing do I told her, and she said "well it doesn't matter cos you already have the best one!" and then "you know, I've started knitting already!" way to jinx things lol.

But actually it does make a big difference. I hope with all my heart that this first IVF cycle works. But the lack of any frosties means that there will never be the potential for a full-sibling. If this cycle works then we will not be eligible for another funded cycle. If this cycle fails we are not guaranteed another funded cycle, but it's likely that we would get one after about a 6 month wait.

Ah, the dreaded 2WW. Where suddenly every little feeling has the greatest significance to it. My symptoms are as follows: sore breasts and very tender nips, a hardening/ tenderness/swelling in left breast, occasionally mild cramping and feelings of pressure low down in abdomen, plus this evening I got two very distinct sharper cramps on the right side. My outlook is very positive, I'm very smoochy lolz, and overall I feel pretty calm about all this.

Diabetes has been ok, nothing dramatic although any stress I can see my bloodsugar shooting up. I have taken to bolusing for stress! And work is not even that stressful. I worked a full day today and again freelanced until 9.30pm.

We got some healthy burgers this evening, as they have little pottles of the best dark choc ice cream! Oh so delicious! I managed to carb count very well and actually started dropping rapidly with the hour of eating.

Hubby is being very supportive and kind to me like always :D he said this evening how great it would be for us to have a child together. Yes, it would indeed be great. Scary, worrying, hopeful, exciting a whole big mixture.

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  1. Aw, I'm sorry about your little embryo, but hopefully this one will get nice and sticky. Gosh I hope this wait goes quickly!