Thursday, October 17, 2013

CD 11: the night before egg retrieval

After sitting with the national road closures web page open for most of today, the day turned out sunny and beautiful.

I taught my last class for the week this morning and we once again drove 3hrs to Hamilton. Unfortunately I couldn't get a booking for the nice motel we used at the start of the week so we are currently lounging in a crappier motel watching some of the lousiest tv I've ever seen.

Dinner was at a little South-Indian restaurant with a very chatty waitress, and apart from a walk across the road to the supermarket that is pretty much my day.

Tomorrow is the egg collection procedure, and the nurse called again this morning to confirm plans. Anyone would think that the docs and nurses don't actually talk to each other! Ah, well.

As for physical symptoms, I have some minor pressure-feelings in my lower abdomen. Also, the sorest nips ever. Seriously, I can't even handle the touch of a bed sheet! Apart from that, and some general tiredness I'm pretty much fine.

Looks like I have special dispensation from Dr G to have a small breakfast at 5.40 am (2hrs after I would normally have to stop eating) plus she wanted me to just drink some apple juice about 2hrs prior to the ER. I have no problem waking up for the breakfast, but I won't be having any juice unless its absolutely necessary! Have I said how much I hate it when well-meaning doctors try their hand at amateur diabetes management? Yeah, it's not my favorite thing.

I am still pretty calm about tomorrow. I know all I have to worry about is the IV line cos once that's in it means 2 things: there is a big bag of dextrose handy, and there will be sedation drugs coming shortly!

Roll on tomorrow. I hope the next update will be to tell you how many eggs they get!

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  1. Stick to what you know about managing your sugar, you know best! Very best wishes today!!