Saturday, October 12, 2013

CD 6: First Orgalutran injection

Did you know that they still used glass syringes? No? Neither did I, but that is how the Orgalutran is packaged:

Orgalutran is such a mouthful of a word. I prefer to call them my Orangutan injections, and Hubby and I startled the step-kids by hooting like monkeys last night when we were talking about doing the first shot. haha

Source Where you get all good orangutans.
This first orgalutran/orangutan certainly seemed to affect my blood sugar. It is a ganirelix injection, and here is what happened after breakfast (1 slice of peanut butter toast + tea = 16g carbs total)

Blood sugar reaction after breakfast and some tasty ganirelix / orgalutran
My headache is still here. Yes. I am now grumpy and tired of having this headache. It makes me useless. I went to buy a birthday present in town today, by myself, and it was a bad idea. The Saturday crowds, the noise, and soon I was scurrying back to my car to drink water and test my blood sugar and think calm, calm, calm non-headachy thoughts. And I have at least this many more of these orangutans to go!

I found this to be the most unusual injection I have ever given myself. And I like to think I am a bit of a connoisseur. I have been doing multiple daily injections since I was 5, so I've seen the sharp end of a few needles. This syringe, apart from being glass (first glass syringe I've ever used!) had a strange cap with rubber inside which I've never seen before. The needle itself was the gauge I like to class as "drainpipe". No mucking around here with dainty little teflon coated needles. No. This one was so thick, although it honestly truly didn't hurt, I had to push it into the skin! It went pop and then it was in. No pain, but then I had to draw back on the plunger to check I wasn't injecting into a blood vessel, then inject.

The other strange thing was how both the nurse and the instructions didn't want me to remove the air-bubble from the syringe. I really struggled with this one, and was about to hold the syringe upright and push the bubble out, but then remembered the nurse telling me "no don't worry, just inject the whole thing!" I came to a compromise with myself and injected so that the needle pointed slightly downwards and the bubble rose to the plunger-end. I injected so that about half of the bubble went in. There was a little hiss noise as some of the air escaped back out from my skin.

The headache continued through lunch with the step-kinds and MIL, and just got worse. I ended up giving in and having a nap before dinner, while the kind and wonderful Hubby cooked us all a tasty dinner of lamb chops and veges with cheese sauce. He has been absolutely marvellous, and keeps checking how I'm feeling. The other day he told me he'd like "to wrap me up in a blanket and keep me safe through it" Awww :D

When I was woken for dinner, the headache was so bad I thought I would have to take some ibuprofen. I can't take paracetamol (well, I can, but I don't want to) because it will interfere with the Dexcom and it just plain doesn't work. at. all. And there is such conflicting advice on the interwebs about whether it's safe or not. Seems it's a bit of a no-no when using gonal-f, and the previous RE said no ibuprofen. But this new doc and nurse didn't mention it as a problem. I've already had 4 x 200mg capsules since CD2 because the headache turned into a migraine and there ain't no way I can deal with that pain on my own.

7pm, dinnertime, and I had a new strategy. I would do the bolus dose of insulin earlier, and give a generous dose to stop any marked spike rise in blood sugar. Also, I had some 1/2 juice and water and just drank sips of it over the hour post meal to keep the blood sugar level. This has worked very well so far, and being stable, my headache has finally alleviated:

Above, you can see a little rise from the meal after 7pm / 1900 and then the insulin on board IOB starts to kick in and bring it down gently again. I have been monitoring it now for 2 hours and it's extremely flat! Win!

Got another letter from the fertility clinic, this one from our nurse. It confirms out treatment plan with the dates for specific injections and scans, but it also suggests that "expected week of egg retrieval: week of Sat 19 Oct 2013". I am wondering what will happen after our appointment on Tuesday.

We have a birthday party to attend tomorrow night, and on Monday I am supposed to be teaching a class. If I have this headache I will stay home and nap; it's just not worth tiring myself out, and I get so very tired at the moment.

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  1. Haha orangutan was exactly where my mind went as well! Getting close to the big day! :)