Tuesday, October 8, 2013

CD 2 The Money Shot

Today I gave myself the Elonva injection; the one that will stimulate my ovaries to grow lots of follicles all at once.

After doing an infusion site change this morning, the Elonva injection seemed like nothing at all. The only bit I was worried about was the fancy schmancy spring-loaded syringe: inject, push plunger down, then once you release the plunger it springs back up inside the casing! And if you don't get the plunger all the way down then that's it! No second chances with this puppy!

You'll be relieved to know that it all went well, just as the instructions planned. The injection didn't hurt, but once I got near the end the sheer volume of liquid going in started to sting a bit. It didn't swell or go red or anything.

About half an hour later I was at work, and my blood sugar just tanked. I couldn't get off the floor and powered through my stash of emergency juice and mentos. This could have been the Elonva kicking in perhaps as it was accompanied by some weird cramps, or it could have been the arithromycin antibiotics that both Hubby and I took.

No real side effects for the rest of the day really. I have been peeing like a racehorse (unfortunately that's one of my low symptoms!) and have had very mild cramping and a really fuzzy brain. Not really able to concentrate on much!

There is nothing for me to do on this protocol except take my Pre-natal vitamins until CD 6 when I start the Orgalutran injections.

I've booked the motel as we are scheduled for a blood draw and scan in CD 9.

I let the nurse know via email about how I'm now hooked up to an insulin pump and dexcom, and her and the RE both seem to think it shouldn't interfere with the IVF treatment.

I am calm and relaxed about this. Every other medical thing I've done to my body has been a bit if an experiment, and so is this. There is no guarantee it will work perfectly, but it's also not a pass/fail situation; there are lots of other ways this could play out.

Could be that we get pregnant first go. Or I might get OHSS and have the cycle called off. The number of eggs I can muster up could be twenty or it could be zero. Things might fertilize or not. There might be some to freeze or not. Etc etc forever and ever. So many possibilities, which means do many chances for things to go in a ok-fine-good-great-wonderful direction.

Yep so that's where we're at today. More when something interesting happens or when I get some crazy hormone symptoms!

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