Friday, October 11, 2013

CD 5: Mostly no dramas

Got a full day in at work today which I felt was a massive win considering how craptastic I was feeling yesterday.

Oh! And how did I forget to tell you this? Yesterday we got our second letter direct from the new Dr S! He is really lovely and seems to be writing is letters to keep us up to date on progress which is great.

Dr S told us how he'd reviewed my most recent AMH test which came back much better than expected. He says I should respond well to the Elonva protocol, but that if I do "stimulate briskly" then there is a risk of OHSS and we may need to do a freeze-all cycle. We has discussed all this with him at our last appointment, but it's nice to get a reminder like this. He then went on to wish us both all the best, which is something we definitely never experienced genuinely from the previous doc.

Tomorrow I start Orgalutran which is a ganirelix injection. I have one per morning from CD 6 onwards.

The scan will be on CD 9.

A little bit of headache today, but nothing major. Just so pleased its the weekend already!

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