Wednesday, October 9, 2013

CD 3: A headache Grr!

Don't know if this is IVF über-hormone related, or just tiredness, but today I've had a real true headache. The kind you get when you've not had a glass of water for about 14 hours.

Thing is, I'm thirsty as all get out, drinking water like a fish, and peeing like a racehorse! Lol

Blood sugars have been a bit wobbly, but generally within my (wide) target range.

I've read a lot about people with insulin pumps shaking their fists at bubbles, and I have previously found one bubble which I primed out. Well, that yellow spike on the right of the graph was cause by a bubble at least 3cm long!!! If 1cm = 1hr of insulin... You see the problem. And I was sooo careful when I did my last cartridge change :/

No cramping or anything other than the headache (I gave in at lunchtime and took 2 x ibuprofen which did nothing) and some general fuzzy scatter-brained-ness I feel fine. But not as great as yesterday. Gosh, I really didn't want to get up this morning, could have stayed cuddled up in bed and slept all morning!

I'm reading my birthday pressie: The Luminaries by Eleanor Sutton. I'm about 2 chapters in and I can absolutely see why it won the Man Booker prize. Gorgeous writing.

As usual, I am up too late 11pm and need to stop writing and go to sleep. So that's what I'll do :)

P.s thanks for the support from all those following :)

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