Saturday, April 17, 2010

Surgery is scheduled!

I got my appointment cards for my hysteroscopy surgery yesterday. The operation will occur on the 20th of May, so that's about a month to wait. Not too long, in fact it's quicker than I expected. I thought perhaps being on the waitlist would make it about six months. The kindly ob/gyn wrote something special on my referral, which meant that while the hysteroscopy is not medically necessary or urgent, it is clinically urgent, to speed the fertility treatment process along.

The hysteroscopy is a 10 - 15 min operation done under anaesthesia where the doctor will use a small camera to look inside my uterus, and small tools to remove a 6mm polyp that was detected on an internal sonogram.

I would not normally have to have this procedure done, as the polyp is most likely benign, but the fertility clinic has requested I get the polyp removed to prevent it possibly acting as an IUD later on in the baby-makin' process.

I am quite nervous about this surgery, as it will be under general anaesthesia, which I've never had before. From what I hear from friends and family, it's not a pleasant experience. :(

I have appointments prior to the surgery with a nurse to introduce me to the hospital (ha! like I need that! :P) and with the aneasthetist, where I want to discuss how my diabetes will be controlled during the operation. I've been the only one in control of my diabetes since I was about ten. I want to talk to the anaesthetist about this, I'm sure it will all be fine - I know they are very skilled, but I just need them to put my mind at rest.

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