Saturday, April 17, 2010

Progesterone blood tests

It's also time for me to start doing that long list of pre-appointment blood tests for the fertility clinic. I have decided to start with the progesterone tests, as they are mid-cycle tests to be done on days 17 and 18 of my monthly cycle. Unfortunately, day 17 is tomorrow, a Sunday, so the lab is not open. :( The ob/gyn doctor said it will be ok to move the test to the next day, which is Monday. I hope this will be ok, I would hate to have to wait another month to repeat the tests!

They're testing for other interesting stuff too, like Hep C Antibody, HIV Antibody, and a group of tests called the Initial Antenatal Group. This includes Rubella, HBsAg (Hep B), Group, Antibodies, CBC (complete blood count), and RPR (syphilis).

In my next cycle, I have a day 2 blood test which includes FSH, LH, and Oestradiol. But that will be another post!

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