Friday, April 30, 2010

Feeling overwhelmed

So today it's a Friday. The end of a rather rough week. It started with a long and intense session at the endo's, followed by a tiring week at work. I was feeling rather off colour all of this week, and my blood sugars reflected that by going mental. Which made me more tired and grumpy-snappy at hubby.

Today just seemed to be conspiring against me. One of my colleagues at work is VERY pregnant, and there was a joking-false alarm at work from one of the others about being pregnant too. People laughed and thought it was funny. Turned out to be something else entirely making her smile. Twice in meetings people used the word "pregnant" (as in "and then there was a pregnant pause...") and once I got asked by a friend, in front of others, if I was pregnant. Just like that, she came out and asked me. True, she knows I want to have a baby, but has no idea about my struggles with diabetes and IVF, and all the hurdles I face to GET pregnant.

So I feel like the world has just been rubbing my face in it today.

Oh, and where I work, there is a baby-clothes store right across the road. Enough already! It's getting so overwhelming! Whenever I drive somewhere I always pass a new mother pushing a stroller, or a baby-bump lady crossing at the traffic lights. The world is definitely trying to tell me something.

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  1. you poor thing - I hated that, actually i still hate it.

    in a team of 7, there are 2 ladies pregnant. I swear if I didn't have my two I'd resign.

    It's still hard to hear them so blase about it, but at least this time around (both 2nd babies) I don't run to the loo a couple of times a day to CRY!