Monday, April 12, 2010

Got endo and educator appointments Yay!

After last weeks excitement of the ob/gyn and the initial feedback from the fertility clinic, I got to thinking that I should let my diabetes team know what I'm up to. I called the hospital and tried to find out when my appointments with the endocrinologist and diabetes nurse educator are scheduled.

Of course, I had to call 2 different departments, and one of the phone numbers was wrong and sent me back to the operator. (This was probably due to me using a 2 year old phone book :P). The receptionists were poles apart. One I know by first name, and was friendly and got me an appointment right away, for later this month, which I thought was excellent luck.

The other was brusque and kept talking over me to patients that were coming to her counter. She obviously wanted me off the phone, and told me three times that I wasn't even on the wait-list. I politely asked (again) for an appointment, since diabetes doesn't go away and I should have a recurring appointment set up for at least every 6 months. She started to say something like "You can't get an appointment for at least 3 months..." when my Outlook calendar started beeping to say I had a meeting. I asked if she could call me back, and was told, no, she would send a card out. Grrr. I hate being sent a pre-defined appointment time, as more often than not I can't make the time and have to miss it altogether and am forced to wait until the next schedule. So grrrrrrrr!

Funny how little things like a grumpy receptionist can ruin your whole day. But being diabetic means I am somehow expected to deal with it, and accept it. Well I don't. I am one of those people who gets grumpy and tells people that it's not acceptable.

So I got appointment cards on Saturday morning. Nearly a month to wait until the endo appointment, and 2 months until the educator. Would be most excellent if I could get them both together in the same room. The endo is very technical and is more likely to try and figure out the issue behind my blood sugar fluctuations. While my educator will almost always jump to the conclusion that I'm not counting my carbs right and send me back to the dietician (who thinks I'm doing fine, thank you very much), or something similar.

Now it's just a bit more waiting...

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