Saturday, April 17, 2010

My clever idea

Oh my goodness! The number of dates and appointments I've got to deal with!

All of the blood tests I have to do need to be done on specific days of my cycle. I have pre-surgery appointments coming out my ears, and I need to ensure that the surgery itself doesn't occur on my period!

So I have begun using two systems to help me:

  • Google Calendar
  • Hormonal Forecaster
Google Calendar is great, because I can share the calendar with my hubby, so he gets fair warning of what is when. And it has the fantastic feature of SMS text message reminders to your cellphone. This will be great for me, so I can remember when to take all these tests, and see all these doctors, at the right time. It also means I won't have to use my work calendar, cos this is not really the sort of stuff to be putting on that! It's also online, so I can access it from anywhere I have an internet connection.

Hormonal Forecaster is a great little piece of software that you can download and try out, although it does cost to get a full registered version. It's not too expensive, when you think of all the "period math" it saves you from! I use it to track the length of my cycles, and estimate when and if I am ovulating. I want to do all I can to try and figure out if I'm fertile and functioning before proceeding with any fancy fertility treatment. As far as we know, I'm fine, and hubby's swimmers are fine (as evidenced by 3 bouncy kids). It's just a vasectomy getting in our way.

So it's technology to the rescue!

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