Sunday, April 18, 2010

Wonderful ladies who blog about diabetes and pregnancy

I just found out that you don't normally get an obstetrician until after you become pregnant, and even then you may not need one.

I feel a bit special, since I've met my ob/gyn already. Have a read through some of my earlier posts to find out how that happened. :)

I would like to share a couple of links with you, to two blogs I am following:

Both of these women blog about their experiences as type 1 diabetics having their first child.

There are plenty of IVF blogs, and even some on youtube, but nothing that has caught my fancy to follow yet. And no luck yet finding a blog dealing with diabetes, pregnancy, IVF, and vasectomy! I will keep looking!

Have my first ob/gyn sanctioned blood tests tomorrow, and I can't wait! (Unusual, I know: normally a blood test is the last thing a diabetic wants!)

Wish me luck! :)


  1. Thanks for the plug for the pregnantbethany blog! You should also check out this one: She's got a lot on IVF, and she also just wrote a book about diabetes and pregnancy (and I'm in it!)

  2. Oh wow, thanks for that :) I will definitely check her blog out. Cheers for that :D