Tuesday, May 11, 2010

A day in the life...with diabetes

I've chosen to share a day with you. The day I got my flu vaccination! (as if I didn't have enough needles already)

Starts off with me sleeping through my alarm, and having my cat walk all over my face in an effort to convince me to feed him. Get dressed, throw cat biscuits at kitty, and race out to my car. Since I live in a small city, it's only an 8 minute drive from my house to my office. Still, I have been known to cut it pretty fine sometimes!

Get to work and thank my lucky stars that there is an on-site carpark ready and waiting for me. Into the lift, down the corridor, and get settled into my office. It's open plan, with 6 other people. My computer takes ages to boot up, so I use this time to test, eat breakfast, and take my insulin.

Breakfast test: 8.3 mmol/L, 5u Humalog and 11u Lantus, 23g carbs

People in my office hardly notice me doing my blood tests and injections anymore. I think most of them have never actually noticed, and those who do generally don't seem to care anymore. It's only exciting to watch the first time!

I work until 10am, when a bunch of us head downstairs to the cafe for tea and nibbles. I have a box of raisins and a cuppa tea with Equal sweetner.

Morning tea test: 7.2 mmol/L, 20g carbs

Then it's back to work until lunchtime, when I usually head off home for lunch. Today I've got an appointment at my GP's for a flu shot. I get one every year, as I had the flu one year and it felt like I was dying! Flu + diabetes /= fun! The nurse gives me the shot and I have to sit around reading crummy waiting room magazines for 20 mins to check if I'm gonna have a reaction. Lunch at home is some peanut butter and honey toast with another cup of tea, and feeding the kitty cos he thinks I'm mean to come home without feeding him.

Lunchtime test: 10.2 mmol/L, 5u Humalog, 35g carbs

Oh, work is so boring! So every now and again we have to stop for some lolcatz hehe :D

Afternoon tea test: 14.3 mmol/L Hmmm I think, that's a bit high, so a correction of 1.5u should do the trick. Probably the honey on the toast at lunch time coupled with the fuss of having the flu shot.

Middle of the afternoon and I start to feel a bit off. Eyes can't focus, I start to feel cold and get all chilly, my brain is in a fog and I find myself reading the same stretch of text over and over without taking it in. A quick test proves that I'm only 3.8 mmol/L so I hunt around in my purse and desk for a fruit bar or juice box. 20g carbs later, and the full "yuck" of the low starts to hit. I usually get my worst symptoms on the way back up, so it's not unusual to see me just sitting at my desk staring into space.

Ok, so work is not all boring. I'm a web designer for an e-learning company, and I get to work with some awesome folks to create courses that will be delivered over the interwebs. I am mainly responsible for the design of the online enrolment systems and delivery websites. It's not flashy work, but it needs to be done.

Work finishes up and I make my way home, stopping at the pharmacy on the way to collect a prescription. To get my diabetes supplies I email my GP a list of what I want, with how much I am currently using per day so he can work out the maths of how much to order me. He faxes a prescription over to my pharmacy, I call to ensure it's ready, then go and collect it. At the most, it will cost me about $15, but normally it's closer to $3 just for the prescription charge. Some days I really love living in New Zealand!

Dinner is at home on the couch watching the news with my hubby, we have tortellini with homemade tomato, olive and bacon sauce, and neopolitan ice-cream for dessert. I like the strawberry stripe best, and somehow it always runs out first.

Dinner test: 8.1 mmol/L, 5u Humalog, 9u Lantus, 40g carbs

Because it's a Thursday and there are no after-work activities planned, I can loll about on the couch and watch telly and surf the interwebs. I will often spend this time working on some freelance web design jobs, or downloading and processing photos off my new camera. Love Canon :)

Whoa, look at that! It's nearly midnight! Time to test: 5.0 mmol/L That's too low for my liking at this time of night, I need to feel a bit safer before committing to sleep. So 25g of carbs and another test at half-past midnight of 5.6 mmol/L confirms my blood sugar is gently rising, not crashing. Off to nap-land.

And that is my day, well, one of them anyway. Remembered as best I could with the aid of my log book.


  1. I loved reading about your Thursday!! :) $3 for your prescriptions is pretty darn awesome!!

  2. Yeah, that's one thing I do feel lucky about... seeing the $$$$ you folks have to pay in America makes my heart go out to you. That's simply not fair. You didn't choose to have diabetes, you absolutely have the right to live and be healthy, so why should it cost you soooo much?

    Also, thanks for organising Diabetes Blog Week, Karen. It's been good so far, and is making me write much more! :)