Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Photos of my hands - after 8 cannula attempts

I asked Hubby to take a couple of photos of my hands... they are damn sore after all the IV cannulas the nurses and anaesthetist tried to put in when I was going low. I was in pre-op, before surgery, and of course that meant I hadn't eaten for about 7+ hours. So when I went low, I couldn't eat as that would cancel the surgery, so they had to rush to put an IV in. But my veins collapsed, with low blood pressure, low blood glucose, lots of stress, lots of bleeding!
This photo was taken 5 days after my operation.

My right hand is the sorest. Photo 6 days after op. The IV that I accidentally ripped out was in the upper right "quadrant"
Yes, I ripped the IV out when I went low, blacked out, and started a mini-siezure! I was given some Hirudoid cream (which I think smells vile) but it worked. I've run out now, and the bruising is really starting to show... I'm getting some "interesting" looks at work. I don't bother explaining cos it's such a long story!


  1. Dude, eeeeeeeeeew!8 attempts is beyond ridiculous. Just hypothetically - if you have to have a c-section (thinking ahead as I do :)) can you specify no crazy South American useless cannula lady? Sore hands must make your job hard too. Go the hirudoid cream - I swear by that stuff. Yes, it's gross but it does work huh?

  2. Yeah, I think we learned a good lesson there: that when I've been fasting and can't eat to treat a potential hypo, they need to get me hooked up to an IV as soon as I walk in the door! But at the time... who knew? Oh... and a little knowledge on the behalf of the medical team wouldn't go astray - so they actually listen to hubby when he's saying I'm having a hypo! :P