Saturday, May 15, 2010

Let's get moving

I grew up thinking that I was bad at sports. I'm a little bit uncoordinated, and I'm not too helpful in team sports, but I played hockey, like this:

(that's not me, BTW :P)

And I'm not that flexible or strong, but I studied kung-fu for 7 years, like this:

(Again... not I, said the fly)
I joined a gym for the year leading up to my wedding, and lost about 6 kilos, of which about 3 have returned since then, but I'm ok with that.

Most of the time now my exercise will be walking. We have a long promenade along the ocean front here, and at 10Km end to end, it's a good wee walk, or bike ride. I love biking. There's nothing better on a calm sunny day that pedalling and flying along on my bike.

I also do a bit of swimming, but it tires me out too quick and often causes me to go low. Having a low in a pool is no fun.

Most weeks I reckon I'd be lucky to get about 30 mins to 1hr exercise, but that goes up if you count gardening and vacuuming, which make me puff!
That's one good thing about being a growned-up, and not having to go to school anymore, is NO MORE PHYSICAL EDUCATION.
P.E., or Gym class always showed me up a someone who couldn't play netball, was scared of the volleyball-ball, and allergic to cricket. Being a kid, I would always forget to take emergency food with me, but I don't remember ever doing enough exercise at school to make me low :P
I did, however, have an awful low at the gym one time. I went with my sister, and we were just starting a new class with a new instructor. In the middle of doing warm-up stetches I blacked out and kind of slithered down the wall to sit on the floor in a heap. She went off to get me juice from the locker room. I remember watching her come back, walking quickly, but not running, so as not to cause a panic. I thought it was funny, it's a gym after all, you should be able to run sister! Get here now! :P
The poor instructor was terrified! He kept offering to call me an ambulance. And every time I showed up in the gym after that he would enquire if I was OK.
Ok, so I guess I've realised that I don't currently do enough exercise, really. It's coming towards winter here, and the weather is not much fun. I may have to look at some more organised form of fitness soon. :)

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