Tuesday, May 18, 2010

A week of insanity!

So first of I want to say a big THANK YOU to Karen from BitterSweet for organising Diabetes Blog Week. It's been fantastic to write every day, and then read what everyone else is writing too! Great fun, and I can't wait until next time. You can check out the other blogs here.

I'm afraid that's where the fun ends, as this week has seriously gone to hell in a handcart!

I had my appointment with my anaesthetist, a lovely South American woman who decided it was ok to lecture me on diabetes, and repeat everything like I was dumb or something. In the end I just sat there looking at her, waiting for her to stop. And then after my consult was over, she decided it would be ok to keep discussing my case IN THE CORRIDOR which is pretty busy with lots of people walking past, and basically tell me that she's seen a letter saying I need a pump, and I should do that cos my diabetes control is not good enough. Ungh. (Don't worry, my brain was thinking "Slap her! Slap her! Go on!) But I just got away from her as fast as possible.

I trust that she knows her stuff, which is anaesthesia, but that does NOT make her an expert in diabetes. Several times througout our discussion (lecture?) I had to try and correct incorrect information.

For example:
Her: "I see here you've had diabeetus for 5 years..."
Me: "No, 22 years"
Her: "No I read it in your chart: 5 years it says here"
Me: "No, I was diagnosed when I was five!"

Her: "Now your maximum blood sugar can be 17.1, and your minimum has been as low as 2.9..."
Me: "No, that's not right..."
Her: "I have it on good authority, it's written down here, perhaps you don't want to think you've been that high..."
Me: "Those numbers are incorrect, I have in fact been much higher, and much lower"
(hey, does she think I'm trying to disguise my blood sugar readings or something??!)


When I asked her what the cut off blood sugar reading was for proceeding with the surgery, she said she didn't have that data to hand. Transaltion: she has no idea what mmol/L numbers really mean!

I had terrible work stress yesterday as well. Like, earth-shattering, oh-mi-gawd, stress. A surprise meeting with the boss. Never much fun. He's too vague. I never know if I'm in trouble or not! :P

The situation has resolved itself now, and I'm feeling a lot less stressed, but what a start to the week!

Only one day of work left, and then I will be on leave to have my op on Thursday, and recover on Friday. It will be good to have it over and done with. To be honest, I'm no longer that worried about it. The procedure is really short, and I'm more worried about whether I will react to the drugs they give me and have vomiting afterwards. Not good!

Hubby has promised to hold my hand, and keep a watch over my diabetes control while I'm out of it. Which I really appreciate cos if they do decide I need a dose of insulin, if they give me the per-body-weight amount, I will go low! I'm quite sensitive to insulin, so I'm reassured he will be there.

I also found out that the majority of drug related mistakes in hospitals involve - you guessed it: insulin. I just don't want some know-it-all nurse elbowing her way in and upsetting my chi! :P

Bring on the weekend I say :)


  1. I LAUGHED at your 'no I've been higher and lower' statement - what kind of dork thinks that you'd make up numbers or be in denial? Grrrrr. Loving the un-specialist.

    I didn't know that insulin was involved in so many drug related mistakes. Makes sense though. I've stopped a couple in my time when I've been on a drip and a 'nurse' (not a diabetic nurse/specialist etc) made a call on what to give me... and I've had to stomp my foot and stop it. Thank goodness your hubby will be there :)

    Bosses, schmosses :)

  2. Hehe, yeah I know, crazy eh! :P