Sunday, May 30, 2010

Watching an IVF show with the family

It was really weird watching this: with my Hubby and 3 step kids.

At first I was sitting there in my armchair, a bit nervous and shaky, cos I didn't know how they would react. My eldest stepson had an idea of why we wanted to watch it, but the two younger ones were just confused as we were missing a new episode of The Simpsons! :P

But then, when the show got to the part where they were showing Jay Jay getting brave and injecting herself with hormones, everyone laughed when I said "Oh come ON!". (As a diabetic, I find it really curious watching non-diabetics trying to inject themselves :P )

Hubby and I thought we might broach the subject with the two littlies, but they were pretty tired, it's a school night, and it just didn't feel right to tell them something like that when they go "home" to their Mum tomorrow.

Overall I feel really good :) Had a great day and learned quite a lot from watching the show. Thanks to Jay Jay and Dom for sharing their journey with us.


  1. Information is power :) And agreed, I think the same thing about watching other people 'try' and inject, but then I remind myself that it was scary the first couple of times.

  2. True; when I was younger my parents had to give me my injections, and I was having none of it! I remember they had to literally sit on me to get me to hold still :P Funny though, I don't remember the first time I injected myself... it didn't make much of an impact on me.

  3. I can't remember 'exactly' my first either - but I remember the nurse educator guy saying that I wasn't leaving his office until he'd seen me inject :p I'm pretty sure that was the motivation I needed hehehe

  4. It is so great when personalities such as these "come out" regarding their fertility treatments. IVF and the like are often not spoken about, and yet so many many are going through it! Fertility, or rather infertility is never spoken about, and yet their are many people struggeling through it every day.

    And on the injections... I was diagnosed later in life, so have always done my own. I remember before I was diagnosed I never thought I would be able to inject myself - but now, well, i can just do it. Made fertility treatments that much easier I think :).

    Although I have to mention, Gestone shots (progesterone shots - intra muscular in the behind...) were a different story....

  5. Ooh yes, I'm with you there Sweets! Intramuscular is a whole other kettle of fish! :P

  6. Hi!

    I can tell you I honestly don't know how I made it through 2 IVFs with all the shots - and my first cycle was a long one with 21 days of Lucrin before the heavy stuff.

    Oh, I do know - LOTS of prayer.

    And crying!

    Honestly I hate needles - I don't know how you girls do it.

    About the electricity, there is only ONE provider and there's no such a thing as taking them to court - we'll lose out so the best is to do what you can do within a terrible system.